Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sounds of Summer

Summer, to me, has always been associated with certain music. Ever since Jimmy Buffet sang about Margaritaville in   , I have been a fan.  At one time, we had a Margaritaville deck, and this was in Michigan, where there is nothing remotely tropical.  His music took me to "summer". 

Now, summer isn't summer without a new Kenny Chesney CD.  Since one came out about 3 weeks ago, I am a happy camper right now.  I am right there with him, looking at pretty blue water and hearing the steel drums of the islands, no matter where I am.

But the summers of my "boomer" youth belonged to The Beach Boys.  Snow could be knee deep and the thermometer could read 0, but when The Beach Boys came on the radio, it was summer in our hearts.

From Good Vibrations, California Girls, Fun, Fun, Fun  to Surfin USA ,  I know I was heading to or thinking about the beach and summer.   Being the girly girl that I was and still am, I liked their slow songs  best.   Surfer Girl,  Don't Worry Baby and In My Room.

Surfer Girl..... 1964

In 1988 they had another hit that has become a summer song too.  Kokomo Island was in Jamaica but is now known as Sandals Cay, which sounds to me like a part of the Sandals Resort. 

So no matter where I am, or what the season really is,  when I hear this music, it's summer in my heart.

Do you have any favorite summer songs?  Any songs that take you back to summers of long ago?


Erin O'Riordan said...

"Surfer Girl" was all that was going through my head the other day while I was paddleboarding on Lake Michigan.

The song actually reminds me of a completely different summer memory - my trip to Spain. "Surfer Girl" was one of the songs on a continuous loop I heard as I flew over the Atlantic. One song, two great memories.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I loved the Beach Boys!!! Still have their CDs. In fact, I played their Christmas CD at my Xmas party last year!

Chatty Crone said...

You are I are simpatico! sandie

Anonymous said...

I'll swear, I think we are kindred spirits! LOL

I've spent the past month loading my MP3 player with "summer songs"! Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney have top honors, with each having SEVERAL summer tunes on my MP3.
Anything with steel drums takes me away to summer...

I'll have to check out Kenny's new cd. I love his new single! I'd secretly love to attend a Jimmy Buffett concert. LOL Don't you think I'd make a good Parrothead??? LOL

Far Side of Fifty said...

I love the oldies..I also love the Beach Boys! The Mamas and the Papas with their California Dreaming is one of my "winter" favorites..takes me right to summer in my mind:)

Suldog said...

Mungo Jerry (is that the right spelling?) - "In The Summertime"

"Summer In The City" (not sure - was it The Lovin' Spoonful?)

Those two come to mind immediately. Another, although not really anything to do with summer per se, is "Ride, Captain, Ride", although I'm not sure why. I do always associate that song with hot weather, though.

Intense Guy said...

Right now I'm thinking more "Let it snow!" but hmmm...

How about "Saturday In The Park" by Chicago?

Or Cruel Summer by Bananarama?

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