Thursday, May 31, 2012

Music Nostalgia

I have been noticing old songs from my younger years are appearing in more and more venues and I must say, it does warm my heart.

On "So You Think You Can Dance" this was one of the songs a dancer used as music an audition .

It was a good fit for a lyrical number.    "I'd Rather Go Blind"   was from the year I graduated from high school.  I don't remember it from that time.  It made it to number 14 on the U.K. charts when it was sang by a little known group called Chicken Shack featuring Christine Perfect who became Christine McVie in Fleetwood Mac. but I couldn't find where it did much here in the states.  I don't know why.  It's a good song.

My favorite (maybe second favorite after Sir Paul) British rocker recorded it in 1973 and I have read that Miss Etta liked his version.  I'll let you decide.  I like both of them for different reasons.  I have the original by Etta on my MP3 player but being a Rod fan, I have to say that rocker boy wore it well.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Couple of Things That Made Me Think

All over the news this weekend was the video of the 80 year old lady skydiving.  She had slipped out of her harness and was hanging butt end first for 90% of the trip down.  I saw her interviewed and she sounded strong and determined.  God bless her and her skydiving pro that held her.  I'm sure he needed a stiff drink when he touched down. 

I'm not a good flyer.  I don't like little planes so even getting up there would do me in.  Then to jump out.  She did say, that while it looked like she was hanging on and may have changed her mind, that was not the case.  She's my hero.  I hope I have kind of bravery at 80. 

I'm meeting my Michigan sister in Tampa the middle of  June.  I have to fly the first leg on a small  commuter plane  and then take the big plane on into Tampa.  Then, reverse it coming back home.  As much as I do not like flying, I like traveling more.  So I suck it up and "just do it".

The other item in the news was the guy that has 30 children with 11 difference women.

  The reports I have seen have stated he has anywhere from 20, possibly 21 children... up to 30.  I think the low end is what has been proven. Some may be waiting for an "official" status.  I've heard he was 29 and 30 years old.  Taking it down to the bare bones, all agree he has any more children than his minimum wage job can support.    

At first glance my reaction was this man is a menace to society and if there was a reason for forced sterilization, this is it.   But then, I thought, what about these mothers?  Women need to bare the total responsibility for birth control because there are men like this out there.  Maybe not with 30 children, but for a lot of them, there is  child support not being paid to a mom raising that child alone. 

Now if these women are intentionally getting pregnant and having children in order to get government money, oh, lordy, don't get me started on that.

I still think he is disgusting.   I think the people of Tennessee will gladly pay for his vasectomy rather than pay for anymore children.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Movie Time

I have been seeing previews lately, on TV, for the Hatfields and McCoys  on The History channel, beginning Memorial Day evening, and airing for 3 nights. It stars Kevin Costner.  Did not intend to do a commercial for them but there is the scoop.

Of course I'll watch.  I love history and I appreciate Kevin Costner.  He's had a few dud movies for sure.  Those I won't name because I've had a couple of dud jobs myself.  No need to call attention to them.

His big hits are memorable for sure.  Dances with Wolves, Bull Durham and The Bodyguard just to name a couple. The Bodyguard is not cinematic brilliance, but it was a box office winner and just a good chick flick so I'm fine with that.

One of my all time favorites though, made it's debut in 1987, right after he had done The Untouchables.   I somehow have been going back to the 80's movies. Evidently, it's a good decade for movies that got my attention.

This was No Way Out with Sean Young... and to use quote from Sharon Osbourne that she applied to someone else (and I would love to take credit for thinking of it, but I didn't)  Sean Young in later years is as crazy as a box of frogs. But...., in this, she was good.

Maybe you saw it years ago and forgot it.  I did.  Now I'm on the hunt.  It's worth watching again.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This and That

I am working my way through the blue funk..lack of creativity, blogging doldrums I am experiencing.  I keep thinking I'll just stop posting but then I find myself going back to read your posts and see what's going on with my blog friends. 

Today I had a couple of thoughts.

1.  When you are at a restaurant, do you allow your spouse/ other.... to eat things off your plate?   Let me remind you that Terry and I have been married for 30 years.    He is a much faster eater than I am.  So... he would then start reaching for the fries on my plate, for instance.  I learned we don't share one dish a plate of nachos.  He'd eat 3/4 of them before I I knew what was happening.   The final straw was after we had been married for at least 15 years ... and I'm thinking it was probably longer,  that we had gone to Dairy Queen with our daughters to get a Blizzard.  I get one Blizzard a summer.  One... that's my splurge...  I was over 40 before I had ever ordered a Banana Split anywhere, because it seemed too indulgent.  ( Me and my issues).  So I was taking my time with my Turtle Blizzard and he had finished his order.  I saw that spoon headed toward my Blizzard and lost it!    Our girls still remember Mom's  great Blizzard  melt down.   So now, I'll tell him what he can have...when I'm done or if I don't want them.  If we split a plate, I'll remove what I want first.    So am I the only one ? 

I had a couple of reminders of days gone by like.....

1.  The classified "Want Ads" were divided into Male and Female Help Wanted.  This was the late 60s and early 70s that I can remember.

2.  Olive loaf...  I hated olive loaf and was not thrilled when my mother brought that home instead of plain bologna.  Also Braunschweiger( liverwurst mystery meat - to me) even beat olive loaf as dreaded lunch time sandwiches.

Google images

3.  The 70s were big into Fondue, but I can say I have never done that.  I missed that fad somehow.  Daughter #2 has a fondue pot and it has been revived for a new century.  Now there's a Christmas idea.  We are always looking for easy things to do.  That would be fun for the Grandsons too.  So, did you fondue? 

I had to pick the orange one.  It was the 70s and this is a hint of my kitchen back then.

Daughter # 2 cleaning ...with her baby.

My counter tops were orange with those dark brown cupboards.  Add that to brown shag carpet, those avocado appliances and that floor and  you have regret.... in the 80s.  That taught me to pick neutral! 

Today in my rambling, I've decided fondue might be fun and I still do not like liverwurst!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Thoughts

I've had a lot of Random Thoughts lately and here are some more. 

It's 90 here today.  I heard from one of my Michigan daughters that it is supposed to be 90 there too.  That's crazy for them this early.  Summertime brings memories of  past events and looking forward to new ones.  This song, for some reason feels like summer to me.

Dobie Gray died December 6, 2011.  How did I miss that?    His 1973  hit "Drift Away" is one of my all time favorites.  I do like Detroit's  Uncle Kracker 2004 version, but my heart is with Dobie on this one.

I tried to find what month it came out, but all I could find were charts of the hits of 1973.  To me, it feels like the dog days of summer.

How about the case on the news now of the New Jersey tanarexic Mom taking her daughter into a tanning booth, where she sustained burns. 

This photo was a booking shot, (I don't know why) taken April 4th.  This is just now May.... how do you get that dark in a month?  I used to go to the tanner.   I do not know how you can get that dark that fast.  I didn't know you could get that dark period. Plus, do you have to take your teeth out for a mug shot?  Serious question.  I don't know.... There is so much wrong here.
 In my humble opinion.

Now, a question I have had great discussions about, at different places I've worked.  So, now I'll ask you.

  Can you and your husband/wife/significant other..... share the bathroom at the same time?

Personally, we do not.  There have been times when the home we have lived in,  or the hotel we have stayed in, only has one bathroom.  He will not come pee in there when I am putting on makeup, etc, and I will not join him if he is in there.  I had a girlfriend that would sit on the edge of the tub while her husband was sitting on the toilet and carry on a conversation.  Seriously.  No......I don't care that he was there while I was birthing the some things you do not need to share.

I have learned we are in the minority.  Most couples to share bathroom time.

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