Thursday, May 24, 2012

Movie Time

I have been seeing previews lately, on TV, for the Hatfields and McCoys  on The History channel, beginning Memorial Day evening, and airing for 3 nights. It stars Kevin Costner.  Did not intend to do a commercial for them but there is the scoop.

Of course I'll watch.  I love history and I appreciate Kevin Costner.  He's had a few dud movies for sure.  Those I won't name because I've had a couple of dud jobs myself.  No need to call attention to them.

His big hits are memorable for sure.  Dances with Wolves, Bull Durham and The Bodyguard just to name a couple. The Bodyguard is not cinematic brilliance, but it was a box office winner and just a good chick flick so I'm fine with that.

One of my all time favorites though, made it's debut in 1987, right after he had done The Untouchables.   I somehow have been going back to the 80's movies. Evidently, it's a good decade for movies that got my attention.

This was No Way Out with Sean Young... and to use quote from Sharon Osbourne that she applied to someone else (and I would love to take credit for thinking of it, but I didn't)  Sean Young in later years is as crazy as a box of frogs. But...., in this, she was good.

Maybe you saw it years ago and forgot it.  I did.  Now I'm on the hunt.  It's worth watching again.


Chatty Crone said...

I saw him on two shows today promoting his new show. He's TALL! And cute.

missing moments said...

I've seen that movie a long time ago ... it was very good!

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