Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Couple of Things That Made Me Think

All over the news this weekend was the video of the 80 year old lady skydiving.  She had slipped out of her harness and was hanging butt end first for 90% of the trip down.  I saw her interviewed and she sounded strong and determined.  God bless her and her skydiving pro that held her.  I'm sure he needed a stiff drink when he touched down. 

I'm not a good flyer.  I don't like little planes so even getting up there would do me in.  Then to jump out.  She did say, that while it looked like she was hanging on and may have changed her mind, that was not the case.  She's my hero.  I hope I have kind of bravery at 80. 

I'm meeting my Michigan sister in Tampa the middle of  June.  I have to fly the first leg on a small  commuter plane  and then take the big plane on into Tampa.  Then, reverse it coming back home.  As much as I do not like flying, I like traveling more.  So I suck it up and "just do it".

The other item in the news was the guy that has 30 children with 11 difference women.

  The reports I have seen have stated he has anywhere from 20, possibly 21 children... up to 30.  I think the low end is what has been proven. Some may be waiting for an "official" status.  I've heard he was 29 and 30 years old.  Taking it down to the bare bones, all agree he has any more children than his minimum wage job can support.    

At first glance my reaction was this man is a menace to society and if there was a reason for forced sterilization, this is it.   But then, I thought, what about these mothers?  Women need to bare the total responsibility for birth control because there are men like this out there.  Maybe not with 30 children, but for a lot of them, there is  child support not being paid to a mom raising that child alone. 

Now if these women are intentionally getting pregnant and having children in order to get government money, oh, lordy, don't get me started on that.

I still think he is disgusting.   I think the people of Tennessee will gladly pay for his vasectomy rather than pay for anymore children.


Deanna said...

Oh.My.Goodness. I had not seen that spunky grandma. What a scary experience! Skydiving is (or is that was...) in my bucket list. I've already done parasailing and loved it.

I agree with you 100% about the irresponsibility of that man and all of those mothers. I personally know of a lady who had numerous kids so she could get more government money. Disgusting!

Suldog said...

Holy Moley! I hadn't seen that before. If I ever had any thoughts of skydiving, they are now banished, completely.

Chatty Crone said...

I wonder what I will be like when I am 80?! Love, sandie

Far Side of Fifty said...

I follow a gal that is seventy that sky dives. Her name is DJan. That 80 year old granny was in a real pickle..glad it turned out ok.
The guy with 30 kids and eleven different mothers makes me sick. Scum of the earth:(

missing moments said...

I saw that video this morning as well! OMG! I must say, she certainly had a great attitude about it all. Amazing she survived! I've heard others who have slipped out of the harness and were not so lucky!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. The guy needs a vasectomy. And, regarding that 80 yr old woman: She certainly has spunk. I would have freaked out.

Sweet Tea said...

I feel that men need to be responsible (condoms), but ultimately women bare the burden, so if they're gonna "play" they need to be on the pill. There's no excuse for being careless. . .I don't like to fly, no, actually I HATE to fly, but I do it on occassion, but I definitely won't be jumping out of a plane! LOL

Gran said...

I love this Grandma!

Kathy said...

I'd seen both of these stories, and thought about the same thing you did! No way would I be jumping out of an airplane at any age--especially 80--but I admire those who will.

As for the man with so many children, who pays no child support...don't even get me started on that topic!

Thanks to your tip, I watched "The Hatfields and McCoys". Now that was a family feud of epic proportions!

I hope your trip in June is a safe one, and that you have a blast :)

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