Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This and That

I am working my way through the blue funk..lack of creativity, blogging doldrums I am experiencing.  I keep thinking I'll just stop posting but then I find myself going back to read your posts and see what's going on with my blog friends. 

Today I had a couple of thoughts.

1.  When you are at a restaurant, do you allow your spouse/ other.... to eat things off your plate?   Let me remind you that Terry and I have been married for 30 years.    He is a much faster eater than I am.  So... he would then start reaching for the fries on my plate, for instance.  I learned we don't share one dish well..like a plate of nachos.  He'd eat 3/4 of them before I I knew what was happening.   The final straw was after we had been married for at least 15 years ... and I'm thinking it was probably longer,  that we had gone to Dairy Queen with our daughters to get a Blizzard.  I get one Blizzard a summer.  One... that's my splurge...  I was over 40 before I had ever ordered a Banana Split anywhere, because it seemed too indulgent.  ( Me and my issues).  So I was taking my time with my Turtle Blizzard and he had finished his order.  I saw that spoon headed toward my Blizzard and lost it!    Our girls still remember Mom's  great Blizzard  melt down.   So now, I'll tell him what he can have...when I'm done or if I don't want them.  If we split a plate, I'll remove what I want first.    So am I the only one ? 

I had a couple of reminders of days gone by like.....

1.  The classified "Want Ads" were divided into Male and Female Help Wanted.  This was the late 60s and early 70s that I can remember.

2.  Olive loaf...  I hated olive loaf and was not thrilled when my mother brought that home instead of plain bologna.  Also Braunschweiger( liverwurst mystery meat - to me) even beat olive loaf as dreaded lunch time sandwiches.

Google images

3.  The 70s were big into Fondue, but I can say I have never done that.  I missed that fad somehow.  Daughter #2 has a fondue pot and it has been revived for a new century.  Now there's a Christmas idea.  We are always looking for easy things to do.  That would be fun for the Grandsons too.  So, did you fondue? 

I had to pick the orange one.  It was the 70s and this is a hint of my kitchen back then.

Daughter # 2 cleaning ...with her baby.

My counter tops were orange with those dark brown cupboards.  Add that to brown shag carpet, those avocado appliances and that floor and  you have regret.... in the 80s.  That taught me to pick neutral! 

Today in my rambling, I've decided fondue might be fun and I still do not like liverwurst!


Sweet Tea said...

Yes to fondue. I can remember actually having a Fondue Party. Great fun and pretty tasty as I remember...I also love Olive Loaf and Pickle Loaf, but I'm the only one in my family who will eat it...I never had orange countertops but I had a vinyl floor that looked much like the one in your photo and was soooo proud when we were able to buy a brand new "avacado green" refrigerator. Great memories!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I dislike olive loaf..but I like liverworst!
Yes we fondued and hosted an New Year eve fondue party with even a chocolate fondue..that was back in the late 1980's.
I will share my plate..I usually shove off my plate onto his or he waits til I am done and then I hand him my plate..but he better leave my DQ Cherry Sundae alone.
Sad about Robin Gibb..I never got to see them in concert..I always wanted to..but I have their DVD:)

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

My daughter loves fondue and has fondue night at their house every so often. I missed the fondue fad back in the day and haven't gotten into it now either.

I have to say that my hubby is good when we share a dish ... he lets me go first (mostly because he knows that I won't eat nearly as much as he does). I don't recall him ever reaching for a bite of my food ... and if I want to share (either a bite or whatever I don't care to eat), I'll pass that to him rather than invite him to take a bite off my plate.

I do NOT like olive loaf (but then I do not care for plain bologna either), although I do enjoy Braunschweiger (although it's been over 30 years since I had any) - I'd eat it on white bread with Miracle Whip and sweet pickle relish. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fondue is a social occasion. Never do fondue alone. I did that when I traveled solo in Switzerland. So sad to eat fondue alone in a boisterous restaurant.

I chuckled when I read about your hubby dipping into your plate of food. How dare he? Lol. David always asks me first...

Kathy said...

So glad you came back on-line! I've missed your posts...you think of things to write about that nobody else does!

Ed and rarely share food. No particular reason, we just don't.

The movies of the 80's were great! So many good ones to choose from...and the late 80's found me watching tons of them on the VCR :)

Kathy said...

Oh, I forgot! Believe it or not--I've never had fondue!

Suldog said...

I generally don't have a problem with MY WIFE eating something from my plate (nor her with me, although I very rarely do so.) The one time I do object is when I may have asked her if she wanted something similar, while I was ordering, and she says something like, "No, I'm not that hungry", but then she takes some of mine when it arrives. Hey! I asked you if you wanted to order some! Hands off mine!

Olive loaf... My Dad used to get that once in a while. Bleah. I don't much care for baloney, anyway, but throw little bits of olives and pimento into it... even worse! Of course, I used to like a hideous processed meat thing called a chicken roll (still do) which most others of my acquaintance think is just this side of eating dog poop.

My folks had a fondue set when I was a kid. They invited other couple over for fondue parties. I always hated the stuff - and the smell of it. To this day, the smell of cheese cooking makes me slightly ill.

Gran said...

Fondue parties were the rage when I was in high school; we even had a fondue party after one of our high school yearbook work sessions. I liked olive loaf, but have never been able to even look at liverwurst. And I'm single, but I have let grandchildren eat off my plate :)

Xentric1 said...

First, that Blizzard melt down was pretty ridiculous. You completely freaked. Lol, you had your reasons, but we didn't know what they were. Thinking back, there may have been a better way to handle it, lol. Oh, good times. Secondly, how have I never seen that pic with me cleaning?! I am stealing that for face book!!!!
Daughter #2

Simone said...

If J and I are eating out, I will offer some of myb food to him to taste or if I'm too full to finish, I will offer him the rest. Now, leftovers are hands off unless given permission to eat.

My daughter gave me her fondue pot. I have yet to use it. Maybe I need to go in search of fondue recipes.

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