Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's in Your Mail?

The mailboxes for our condo community are all in one area, about 4 units from me.   I  either pick up the mail on my way to or from somewhere when I'm in the car.  Once in a while I'll walk down to get it.  It's just not that entertaining anymore. At least 80% is junk mail.  I pay about half of our bills on line.  Some I have to mail.  So, other than Terry's Sport's Illustrated and my Entertainment Weekly, we don't get much mail. 

I remember a time when that wasn't true.  I remember a time when mail was the highlight of the day. As a girl,  I remember my mother watching for the mailman, eager to see if she got a letter that day and who sent updates from across the state or across the country.  I remember moving to South Carolina from Michigan, away from family and friends when Daughter #1 was a freshman in college there and the younger girls were 7 and 9 years old.  Somehow we got hooked on stickers and had them for all occasions and for no reason at all.  I wrote and the girls wrote long rambling letters of "missing you"  to Daughter #1 and to their Grammy, in envelopes covered with stickers. 

As the years went on new technology took over our lives and letters were mailed less and less.  My mother, although, on line and hooked up, still wrote letters to her friends from the past.  While Daughter # 3 was working  in the Tetons, Grammy still mailed stickered letters.   When my Mom passed away, we found a letter, half written, to her,  on the bed.  What a touching keepsake for my daughter.

Now I live far from my girls but I don't write letters to them.  We talk, we text and we email.  In thinking about this post I realized the last letters I have written have been to soldiers I don't know.  I have mentioned before, that I have, for years, sent care packages through and I mailed out another one about 2 weeks ago.   I write letters to stick inside the boxes just to say Thank You for all they do.  Then I ramble, like my mother taught me, about things around me.

Last night while I was reading my book, I read about a modern day teacher that was given a hatbox full of diaries and letters from two women that became friends in the 1920s and stayed in contact over the decades.  This was just a story line but somewhere there are real hat boxes and cigar boxes full of letters saved from family or romances long gone.  There are books of love letters and letters to home,  written by soldiers in all the wars.   While texts and Facebook have their place and I am glad for their existence, I am sorry to see letter writing go.

Do you remember, on what occasion you last wrote or received a letter?  If I weren't doing soldier boxes, I wouldn't know.  I am sure the last letter I received was from a solider too, but back in the beginning of the boxes,  about 5 or 6 years ago.  I still send postcards to my grandsons ,when we go anywhere, so that they will gave mail.  Occasionally I'll send something to them in their own envelope so they can still feel the excitement of "What's in it".    Think I better go do that right now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Mini Vacation in my Mind

I've talked about how much I love the pretty turquoise water of the Caribbean and how we are/were big fans of cruises.  I'm about cruised out, to tell ya the truth.  You've done about 10 or so cruises and I am tired of coming into port to enjoy an island with 3000 plus voyagers  streaming off that ship. 

Cruises are an extremely cheap way to get to see places you may not have been able to fly to separately.  Your transportation, meals and lodging are all there for you.  I'm not saying I wouldn't do it again, because I have been looking at Europe and the Greek Islands.  Like I said, it is a pretty cheap way to see the world. So I thought I would share some of that pretty water with you.

Our last cruise was to the Southern Caribbean and our middle daughter was able yo meet us and share our cabin.  Also, one of my best friend's daughters with her best friend had a cabin near us as well.  I loved sharing the islands with my girls.  The pictures are from that cruise, as well as others.

                                                              Grand Turk

 This guy came to the beach in a ratty little boat full of papaya and mangoes to sell.

                                                                St. Kitts


                                                       St. Thomas, my favorite Island since our first cruise, until we took the ferry over to St. John, where the cruise ships don't have a port.....It is serene and quiet.  I fell in love with St. John.  ( And it doesn't hurt that it's the island where Kenny Chesney has a home.  Me and and my newly adopted son, Kenny.   So we had to hit one of the bars we've read he frequented.  I don't know if it's true, but we had fun, so he should too.)

                                                                     The Painkiller
The official cocktail of the British Virgin Islands and one of the most popular mixed drinks in the Caribbean, the painkiller drink recipe is traditionally made with Pusser's Rum.
2-4 oz. of Pusser's Rum
4 oz. pineapple juice
1 oz. cream of coconut
1 oz. orange juice
Grated fresh nutmeg

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add first four ingredients and stir. Pour into cocktail glasses and top with grated nutmeg.

This is luscious.  I have found any Rum will do.  It's a taste of the Islands.  Join me on a little trip, if only in our minds.

Monday, July 25, 2011

You Have to See This

It's me here.  The dance fanatic.  Last week on  So You Think You Can Dance   one from my favorite All Stars came back to dance with one of the Top 10 dancers.  The All Star is Twitch whose personal style is Hip Hop was teamed up with Sasha, one of this year's top competitors.  Together I thought they made magic.  Of course, the song they danced to was one of my all time favorites and I have posted it in the part.  I hope you still enjoy it and the performances.

The premise is"  a couple that have let their relationship go stale and she is not having anymore of it.   I just have to share.

I tried this with Terry just the other morning over his bowl of Crunchy Raisin Bran. It didn't end this way.  The hop up on the table did me in.

I have heard some pretty crappy renditions of this song.  I love country music, but Reba should not have done it.  Mary J. Blige, for a current person, nailed it out of the park.  But, while I was looking for the SYTYCD version, I found this amazing 13 year old singing  the Dorothy Moore classic.   I usually don't think a young person can carry the full weight of a song like that but I think she did a super job.  Watch for her to start bouncing on the balls of her feet when she is getting ready to really hit the pain and heart of the song.

I hope you enjoyed her.  I sure do.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

In My Humble Opinion

This week there have been a few Pop Culture things that got my attention.  So here's what I think...

1.  I read in my Entertainment Weekly  that Cher has said she is not planning to retire anytime soon...or something to that effect. She's about 65 I think.   What I am wondering is this:  Am I ready to see Cher's tattooed butt while she is sings "If I Could Turn Back Time"  at 70?  I have been a Cher fan since I was 14..  I saw her on stage for her Retirement tour.  Remember that one?  It ran for about 2 years. She is marvelous.  All my daughters were with me.  I remember I remarked "Look at her showing off her 50 something (at the time)  year old boobs."  and my oldest daughter replied, "Those boobs are only two or three years old at most."

 I say it's time she reinvent herself and  put away the body revealing costumes and take a page from Elton John and Rod Stewart.  They both have hung up their pink satin pants and boas and are now in conservative suits.   They look and sound wonderful.  I'm still a big fan of both.  Cher still has Bob Mackie designing those stunning gowns that would take her to a whole new level of entertainer.  What do you think?  She can still be stunning, like this.

2.  I DVR "Hoarders". It creeps me out.  I always get a sick knot in my stomach watching it but I don't stop.  I am constantly amazed at what people keep and what conditions they live in.  I wonder where was the moment that they said to themselves  " I'm good with this."

3.  Terry brought this to my attention.  They both have the "crazy face" going on here.  Scary people.  Where is she?  As long as she's not next door,  I really don't care.

4.  On the acts of terror in Norway.  Awful, awful stuff.  Unfortunately there are loony birds everywhere.  I heard a Norwegian reporter say, "We expect this in the United States.  Not here."   I've not yet heard anything on the "why" of it.  There is just no good answer to that question.

5.  Amy Winehouse....Not surprised. She's been broken for years.

6.  J Lo and Marc Anthony split.  I don't know much about him.  I know he's a very successful singer and control addict.  I'm thinking "You fool"... There's only one direction to go after you are divorced from the "World's Most Beautiful Woman". 

That's all I can think of right now.  Do you have any humble opinions you would like to share?  I'm interested.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cost of Convenience

This is me at 15 and this is pretty much where I spent my four years of high school.   On one side of the divider was the kitchen, as you can see, and on the other was the living room.  This was the only phone in the house so all those family members watching the only TV in the house were three feet from me.  There were no secrets.  No bad language.  I was free to talk until Mom got tired of listening to me or the TV watchers were bothered by the constant drone of conversation.

 My brother was once sitting on the living room side of that divider when my mother was washing dishes.  He said some smart comment to her so she took the glass she was washing, that was full of water, and soaked him good. 

We lived in a small town that had it's own phone system that made it impossible to call any other town without it being  long distance.     So, therefore, we did not call anywhere else unless you asked permission and it better be for a good reason.  Like someone died.   On Christmas my parents would call the grandparents and then pass the phone to us kids when they ran out of stuff to talk about.

Terry and I were talking yesterday about the high cost of living  we have now that our parents didn't have.  Things like cell phones are hugely expensive compared to their house phone bill.   We have not had a land line phone for about 8-10 years.   Our cell phones are more than double that land line charge. 

Then there is the cable and Internet bill.  Forget the Internet even.  Just go with your television cable bill.  Our parents had an antenna.  Do you remember when you could turn the dial and the thing would move?  That was high tech!    Once they bought the antenna, there was no other bill.

I would like to see the price comparison for an average date then and now, with allowance for today's dollar value.  The kind of date that teenage girl on the phone went on.  A regular go to a movie, get some popcorn and pop at the concession stand date.  I know Terry and I don't get refreshments at a movie unless there's a special of some sort.  My teenage dates were pumping gas or bagging groceries after school.  Some were working at the local orchard on weekends.  They didn't have much money.

It just costs more to live today.   There's gas....we know that's horrible.  Can you think of any other comparisons?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pass The Goodies Please

A few days ago I was honored to receive an award from  Laura at  A Simple Happy Life.

I'm supposed to tell you 7 random facts about myself, tag people and pass the award on to 5 other bloggers.  7 facts.  hmmmmm  It took me a while to come up with 7 things.

1.  Five companies I have worked for have gone bankrupt and one Doctor died.  (I am the kiss of death to businesses... no pun intended Dr. Chris. Knowing him, he would laugh too.)

2.  I had a Girlfriend's weekend in Chicago with 2 friends where we attended an Oprah Show.

3.  I have managed 2 Weight Loss Clinics and  still struggle with weight.

4.  I love the turquoise water of the Caribbean and the Island of St. John.

5.  On my Bucket List is to go to Britain and tour the area where legend says King Arthur and Camelot  stood. (Tintagal Castle in North Cornwall)  I made a list when I was 30 before it was called a "Bucket List.   I think I can scratch off :  Wear a Bob Mackie" gown.  That's not gonna happen.

6.  I have not left the house without makeup since I was 14 years old.  Maybe younger.

7.  I have seen "The Phantom of the Opera"    on stage 5 times.  I'm always mesmerized by the music.

Now I will pass on this honor to 5 other bloggers.

Reflections by Kathy

Iggy  at  Intense Guy

Sweet Tea

Tina at Girl With a New Life

Lisa  at  Gioia Chronicles

It took me longer than it should have to think of 7 things.  Now I thinking of all kinds of quirky things that I'm sure most of you have too.  Things like:

Do you always sleep on the same side of the bed?  Not just at home, but in hotels, when you rearrange furniture,etc.

Can the food on your plate touch?   One of my daughter's can't.

I've gotta have Diet Coke, not Pepsi.

Do you shut the bathroom door when no one is home?  I do

OK,  over sharing. Now it's your turn.

Monday, July 18, 2011

That Lady Can Sing

When I was writing about Jeremiah Johnson and Robert Redford the other day, I thought of another movie that touched me. 

I am a Motwon woman.  I was a Supremes fan, but I am not a big Diana Ross fan.  Way back in the day, she ditched the other ladies that helped make her great and off she and Barry Gordy went to make mad music together.  So, when "Miss Ross" made her acting debut, I was ready to not be impressed.  I was wrong.

She joined Billy Dee Williams and Richard Pryor for the roles of their lives, in my humble opinion, in the 1972 movie based on the life of Billie Holiday "Lady Sing the Blues" .       I  remember the moment that Billie Dee Williams appeared on screen there was a collective sigh from the women in the audience.  He was mesmerizing. ( If you watch this clip to the end, you'll see it.)  Richard Pryor was the king of comedy and in his prime back then, but this was a serious straight roll for him and he delivered. 

The movie transcends time.  I watched it a couple of years ago with my youngest daughter and it still is a showcase for the wonderful music of Billy Holiday and tells the sad story of her poor decisions. Diana Ross did an excellent job so I had to admit, while a Diva in every way, that woman can act as well as sing.  She had big shoes to fill in portraying Billie Holiday.

It's one of my all time favorites.  Maybe it's one of yours too.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The End of Harry

My youngest daughter, at age 26,  went to the 3AM showing of " Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" today.  The "Harry" party started after work with other Harry fans.  They met at a friends house to watch Harry on DVD and then went to the movie and then went to work this morning afterward.  She had posted on Facebook that being up for 31 hours was worth it.

Our Harry Potter experience started in 1999 when I read a small article in a magazine or a newspaper about the these books causing a big stir in Britain about this little boy that is a wizard.  They were hughly publicized here.  The third book had come out that year as well. So, for Christmas, my younger daughters got the first 3 books.  They were hooked. 

I'm not sure of the publish date, in 2000, of the 4th book, but in July,  Daughter #3 and Terry were interviewed by our local newspaper about Harry Potter fever. By then they girls were 15 and 17.  I thought they were on the older end of Harry fans, but I was wrong.

They convinced their Dad to read the books and soon he was hooked.  I needed more convincing but Harry soon grew on me too.  I became a fan because I saw children in lines at book stores and libraries.  I saw children in restaurants, in movie theaters and at ball games all reading Harry Potter. One of the Daughters took Harry with her to read, to the theater, before "Wicked" started and she was not alone.  There were other Harry books on laps there.  J.K. Rowling, single handily, got people, young and old reading in masses.  

A new book hitting the market caused book stores to hold Harry Potter parties, and to open at 12:01 am to sell books to the line of customers standing outside their doors.  I had never seen anything like it, since Daughter # 1 waited in line overnight to get a Garth Brooks wristband that would allow her to get in another line to get tickets fora concert.  (She did and we all went. Yeah!)  But, I digress.  I had never seen that happen for books.

Harry is not without controversy.  There was some protest concerning Harry being a Wizard and the books promoting witchcraft.  There are witches in Cinderella and Snow White.  I think the kids know Harry is not real.  ( Although, don't try to tell me that Camelot, King Arthur and Merlin weren't real.)  To me these books are very much like the Narnia books. Good vs. Evil is always a struggle.

One of my girlfriends  has a 16 year old son.  She posted on Facebook this morning that the two of them had gone to the midnight show, something they had shared since the first movie came out.  What a wonderful Mom and son adventure.

Somewhere after the newspaper article we "acquired" a male kitty that soon became Harry Potter. I can  truthfully say I  have reached Harry overload, but I still love that the books and the movies are fun, family entertainment.
I applaud J.K. Rowling.  Good job!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot Summertime Daydreams

I live in one of the 24 states that are under heat warnings.  I feel sorry for myself but since half the country is feeling the same heat, I have a lot of company in the whine department.  Even after all these years, I still associate extreme heat with visiting my grandparents, every summer in July, in south east Missouri.  Coming from Michigan a 90 degree day is a rarity and if the thermometer does hit the 90's, we knew it would not last.  Not so in Missouri.

My memories start from the late 1950s at the earliest. No one had air conditioning.  They had open windows and fans.  I remember spending the entire vacation, at both grandparents homes, in my unders, with no shirt.  This is my grandfather (my Dad's father) that we called Papaw.  All of our northern friends had Grandmas and Grandpas.  We had Mamaw and Papaw.  I was always self conscious about that.  Now, living in North Carolina, I'll hear a little one in the grocery store, or where ever, ask for "Meemaw" .  It warms my heart.  I was surprised when I saw this picture that he was not in the blue denim overalls, with the straps at the top.  That's how I most remember him.

This is the grandfather that went frog gigging and caught the catfish my mother so loved.  I can still see my tiny little grandmother standing at the stove with a couple of black cast iron skillets full of hot grease popping and sizzling around  those frog legs and hush puppies.  She never sat down at the table to eat with us.  She cooked and nibbled,  with a cigarette in one hand and sweet tea in the other.   It would be murderously hot in her tiny kitchen, but the food and love that came out of it was wonderful.

This picture of me with my Mamaw was about 1952.  She was a tiny woman, never reaching 5 feet or 100 pounds. I remember standing next to her in the front seat of the car as she drove us around and her throwing her arm out to catch me when she would come to a stop.  My parents moved back to Missouri from Michigan,  for a couple of years.  My sister was born there.  Then they returned to Michigan for the work.  Being a Nana away from her grands now, I can see how that must have broken her heart.

 These are the grandparents that owned honky tonks and truck stops. I could go to the cooler and get my own Nugrape or Chocolate Soldier ( which is kind of like Yoohoo). This is the lady that swore her grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee and that Elvis and his band would come in to her" Dew Drop Inn" or "The Palmer House"  (I don't remember which one)   for burgers after playing county fairs.  Is it true?  Elvis did perform in that area of the country.  I'm sure she remembered it as it might have been and then it became true to her.  But, heck, it makes a great story.

She taught me how to "prime the pump" of the well in the front yard.  Yes, they had indoor plumbing but I think that pump was a leftover from the days when they didn't.  That pump provided great summertime fun. I remember us kids pumping buckets full of water and throwing them on each other.

Nothing felt as wonderful as pulling back the thin chenille bedspread and laying down on cool fresh sheets, with the fan blowing across you.  Tired from playing in the sun and full of love and joy at just being there.

So on these stifling days, I can take a little trip, in my mind, to visit Mamaw and Papaw again.  That's one good thing about being my age.  I don't mind owning these daydreams.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Movie Haunts Me

Some movies just stick with you.  Out of nowhere today, I had the theme to Jeremiah Johnson spinning through my head. 

Jeremiah Johnson made his way into the mountains
Bettin' on forgettin' all the troubles that he knew
The trail was wide and narrow
And the eagle or the sparrow
Showed the path he was to follow as they flew.
A mountain man's a lonely man
And he leaves a life behind
It ought to have been different, but oftimes you will find,
That the story doesn't always go that way you had in mind.
Jeremiah's story was that kind. . .
Jeremiah's story was that kind.
The way that you wander is the way that you choose,
The day that you tarry is the day that you lose.
Sunshine or thunder, a man will always wonder.
Where the fair wind blows.
An Indian says you search in vain for what you cannot find.
He says you'll find a thousand ways for runnin' down your time.
An Indian didn't scream it, he said it in a song,
And he's never been known to be wrong.
He's never been known to be wrong.
Filmed in the winter Utah mountains, the scenery is breathtaking and Robert Redford was the man long Brad Pitt threw away his Binky.


This is a movie I have seen more times than Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, or Ghost.  

I really don't know what part of it speaks to me.  I think it's appeal is as haunting as it's theme song.  Peace and solitude were long desired, but rarely attainable for Mr. Johnson.

If you have seen it, I think you'd agree and if you haven't, find it and experience the mountains and Jeremiah's cast of characters he meets on his journey.  I think you'll enjoy them.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Games of Our Childhood

My youngest grandson will be 9 next week.  We share the same birthday so, when I lived close, we shared theme parties of Winnie the Pooh, Dora & Diago, and Spiderman.  Terry has been having an email discussion about Birthday presents with his Mom.  She had mentioned that because baseball play offs were again that night,  our 10 year old grandson had run 27 laps, out side,  around the house in hopes it would make him run faster for his game.  They won, so I guess it worked.  The final game is tonight.

It gets more and more difficult to buy "things" for the boys.  They have all the games out now.  They each have a Nintendo DS and a bunch of games, Rock Band lives in the family room along with the Wii..  One has a real guitar and the other has drums.  They have the outdoor toys.  Powerwing scooters, bikes, snowboards, skate boards,   a full  cemented basketball court in their backyard.

What's a Nana to do?  I used to buy them matching clothes but I promised myself I had to stop doing that when they turned 10, which, one did in April.  (But they looked sooo cute in them.)

This was when they were 4 and 5.  Pa  makes sure they have been wearing University of Michigan apparel since birth. 
Now, too, I have to mail everything so I have to consider that.  So, it is becoming Gift Card time.  The 10 year old reader, Birthday boy, got Barnes & Noble.  Mom suggested the next be Target.  I'm not thrilled with gift cards, but I'm kind of stuck.

 I don't remember getting big birthday presents or any presents, but I'm sure I did.  I don't remember having Birthday celebrations.  Or even a cake, but, I must have.  I remember as a teen making my own cake.  At 9 and 10, I think I was still playing Candyland and later progressed to Life.   We never owned  Life.  I remember wanting it, but you just didn't go out and buy a game "for no reason".  Money was tight.  I played jacks,  jumped rope and collected marbles.  I did get my Barbie for Christmas when I was 10 and I still have her.   She is missing a pinkie finger because I let Daughter  # 1 play with her when she was little and teething evidently.

I remember getting Daughter #1 an Etch-a-Sketch for a Birthay or Christmas present at 7 years old.  She turned it around and over and finally asked, "How do you turn it on?"  I laughed because, funny as that is , she had one of the first hand held video games, that I'm aware of.  "Safari"  It was very basic.  3 skill levels of capture an animal in a cage.  slow - medium - fast.  That's it. 

 My daughter's childhood gifts ran the gamut of boom boxes, Cabbage Patch dolls, TVs for their bedrooms, VCRs and Cd players.  These were the first electronic children.  I know Daughter #2 had to have a Scientific Calculator in high school.  That thing was over $100.00 then, in 2000, and  probably $9.99 now. 

Makes me wonder what's next.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Mother's Love

Here and there amongst the news of "that" trial I have been seeing commercials for the upcoming Diane Sawyer program on and with Jaycee Dugard.  I'm sure you all (my southern roots are showing there.) have heard of the little 11year old from Lake Tahoe that was snatched off the street of her home and held captive for 18 years.  As a teen she gave birth, in a backyard, to 2 little girls and was able to educate them, to the best of her ability, with a 5th grade education. 

I think the idget that kidnapped her and his wife both pled (pleaded?) guilty.  He's in jail for 300 plus years and her for 38.  I wish he could live every one of those days of those 300 years.  But here's the thing.  Diane Sawyer was on another program this morning and shared this bit of information.  The police, in those 18 years, had been to that house because of complaints, of girls in the backyard, noise, etc....... 60 times!! that's right 6 .  0.   60 times and never physically walked into the backyard. Not once.   Oops!  I remember reading she was awarded a huge settlement because of it, but how does that happen?

Jaycee's book, A Stolen Life,  comes out July 12th.  This is one I will buy.  I will give this lady my money.   I will watch the program and celebrate her will to survive and applaud her mothering skills.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Identity Crisis

I have been trying to find the "perfect" pictures to add to a header for this baby boomer blog.  Also, I want to have something that will display with my comments as well.  It's not an easy thing deciding what  do I want to represent.   We boomers are so many things.  We've covered a lot of decades and I've got the hairstyles to prove it.

From my young adult years, ages 17 - 26,  this is what I'm finding.  This is what happens when you invest 9 years in a bad High School  relationship that turned into a bad first marriage and your dear, sweet Mother, (I can't say hated, she was too nice) but, really, really disliked that said person.

I have to laugh.   She had no control over my situation, but she sure could wield a pair of scissors with the best of them.  I know she got great satisfaction out of  snipping out that bit of rubbish.  So among the albums, I come across a piece of a picture here and there.... little snippets of myself.

I'm still looking and deciding what feels right.  In the  meantime, thought I would share a piece of myself, thanks to Mom.  We laughed about it when she was still here.  She would appreciate knowing I still get a kick out of this. 

How 1950s are those curtains? I think there are pictures of them in 2 other houses!  This was early 1970 too. Those curtains stayed there until my sister bought her new ones.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Sister (YFS)

July 3rd is my sister's birthday.  I have discovered, from looking through photo albums, that we were photographed together a lot.  She is younger than me and she is also skinnier than me, but she's not more fun than me.  She doesn't show her mischievous side very often but I love when that happens. 

I had once, actually it was twice, (two years in a row) sent anniversary flowers to my parents with the card signed "Your Favorite Daughter".  Both times my mother guessed wrong.  It was funny.  I had hoped to get a laugh from it and I did.  Mom did not.  So now, my sister and I sign everything YFS, Your Favorite Sister.  It has taken on a life of it's own.  She's YFA to my daughters, etc

We are very much alike and very much different.

 Here we are very much alike with Farrah hair.
I'm over there, to the right.    (Sisters should not let sisters go out in public in blue eyeshadow.)

I also have a July Birthday so we will have to
celebrate long distance. 

Save me a seat on the pontoon and I want a G & T, double lime please.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I Just Have To Share

I am a big fan of any dance show.  I like  Dancing With the Stars,  but my favorite is  So You Think You Can Dance.     These people are amazing.  Last night was "kick off" show.  The one where someone has to go home.  So, as part of the entertainment while that decision is being made, they introduced this couple.  Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian, Champion Cabaret Dancers.

Wow!  My jaw dropped at the first move.  I continue to be mesmerised.
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