Monday, July 18, 2011

That Lady Can Sing

When I was writing about Jeremiah Johnson and Robert Redford the other day, I thought of another movie that touched me. 

I am a Motwon woman.  I was a Supremes fan, but I am not a big Diana Ross fan.  Way back in the day, she ditched the other ladies that helped make her great and off she and Barry Gordy went to make mad music together.  So, when "Miss Ross" made her acting debut, I was ready to not be impressed.  I was wrong.

She joined Billy Dee Williams and Richard Pryor for the roles of their lives, in my humble opinion, in the 1972 movie based on the life of Billie Holiday "Lady Sing the Blues" .       I  remember the moment that Billie Dee Williams appeared on screen there was a collective sigh from the women in the audience.  He was mesmerizing. ( If you watch this clip to the end, you'll see it.)  Richard Pryor was the king of comedy and in his prime back then, but this was a serious straight roll for him and he delivered. 

The movie transcends time.  I watched it a couple of years ago with my youngest daughter and it still is a showcase for the wonderful music of Billy Holiday and tells the sad story of her poor decisions. Diana Ross did an excellent job so I had to admit, while a Diva in every way, that woman can act as well as sing.  She had big shoes to fill in portraying Billie Holiday.

It's one of my all time favorites.  Maybe it's one of yours too.


Kathy said...

You know, I've never seen this movie before!

I saw Dianna and Billy Dee reunite on Oprah this past year--after all these years! I have to say that was impressed with Miss Ross and her family.

I'll keep my eyes open for this movie on tv, so I can see what I missed!

Intense Guy said...

She definately has some lungs. :)

Never know when you might get surprised - the three background singers in "Little Shop of Horrors" are fantastic too..

Sweet Tea said...

Another movie I need to add to my Netflix queue. I'm lovin' these great suggestions.

Mary said...

They don't make music like they used to, for sure!

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