Saturday, July 23, 2011

In My Humble Opinion

This week there have been a few Pop Culture things that got my attention.  So here's what I think...

1.  I read in my Entertainment Weekly  that Cher has said she is not planning to retire anytime soon...or something to that effect. She's about 65 I think.   What I am wondering is this:  Am I ready to see Cher's tattooed butt while she is sings "If I Could Turn Back Time"  at 70?  I have been a Cher fan since I was 14..  I saw her on stage for her Retirement tour.  Remember that one?  It ran for about 2 years. She is marvelous.  All my daughters were with me.  I remember I remarked "Look at her showing off her 50 something (at the time)  year old boobs."  and my oldest daughter replied, "Those boobs are only two or three years old at most."

 I say it's time she reinvent herself and  put away the body revealing costumes and take a page from Elton John and Rod Stewart.  They both have hung up their pink satin pants and boas and are now in conservative suits.   They look and sound wonderful.  I'm still a big fan of both.  Cher still has Bob Mackie designing those stunning gowns that would take her to a whole new level of entertainer.  What do you think?  She can still be stunning, like this.

2.  I DVR "Hoarders". It creeps me out.  I always get a sick knot in my stomach watching it but I don't stop.  I am constantly amazed at what people keep and what conditions they live in.  I wonder where was the moment that they said to themselves  " I'm good with this."

3.  Terry brought this to my attention.  They both have the "crazy face" going on here.  Scary people.  Where is she?  As long as she's not next door,  I really don't care.

4.  On the acts of terror in Norway.  Awful, awful stuff.  Unfortunately there are loony birds everywhere.  I heard a Norwegian reporter say, "We expect this in the United States.  Not here."   I've not yet heard anything on the "why" of it.  There is just no good answer to that question.

5.  Amy Winehouse....Not surprised. She's been broken for years.

6.  J Lo and Marc Anthony split.  I don't know much about him.  I know he's a very successful singer and control addict.  I'm thinking "You fool"... There's only one direction to go after you are divorced from the "World's Most Beautiful Woman". 

That's all I can think of right now.  Do you have any humble opinions you would like to share?  I'm interested.


Intense Guy said...

You really covered a lot of ground there!

As for the Norway thing - its too early to talk about much - other than to say folks really need to be much more moderate in everything they do - fanaticism isn't going to help things. I see how they might of been frustrated with being "heard" however - this doesn't seem to be the answer to that.

I've not watched Cher since she was on TV with Sonny. :)

And yes, no real surprise with Amy Winehouse essentially having her lifestyle kill her. Addiction is a horrible thing. That said, how much of her pain made her the artist she was?

I was raised learning "right to a speedy trial" ... and that certainly wasn't the case for either of the nut jobs yo show in point 3. Our "justice system" has derailed and barely moves along - I wouldn't want to be subject to it - especially if I was innocent or truly mentally ill.

Sweet Tea said...

Hey Gurl, I loved this post! Very interesting. Yes, I agree with you on the "Crazies" (or perhaps the cruel meanies)...Sad about Amy Winehouse...However, I still love that Cher is still being "Cher". I couldn't handle an orthopedic, slowed down Cher. Rock on, Cher!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Cher is getting to be a ridiculous looking old lady..I liked her years ago with Sonny.

I thought that J Lo and Marc had great chemistry..hard to believe that they split.

Crazy..some people just look crazy.

I always feel clean and neat after watching for me it is a feel good show:0

Holly said...

In my humble opinion, I am grateful that you came to my blog and am hope you can come again soon. I am good friends with J. Jenkins at the 50 Factor! What a great blogger she is!

Rae said...

What a great post. I agree with your thoughts. The hoarders thing really makes me feel creepy. I'm like you though - I have to see it - filthy piles and all. Totally gross, but I can't look away.

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

Great post, very thought-provoking. I shy away (usually) from sharing my humble opinion, but here goes a couple:

1. The vehemence directed at Casey Anthony and the outrage on Caylee's behalf is great - but she is NOT the only mommy-killer and that baby isn't the only one that deserves outrage. I say put that energy into bringing attention to this plague on our society.

2. I can't watch any televison show or news program that makes me tense, I don't sleep enough as it is. I can't look at that poor people (babies, especially) in Somalia or I will never rest until I save them all.

3. This one I don't mind voicing: I won't buy a product promoted by a celebrity who already makes a gazillion dollars. I am struggling as so many of us are to make ends meet and these people, just because they have a famous face make money over and over by selling us stuff we don't need. Shame on them.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I love all the great comments. Where, if not on our blogs can we voice our opinions? I'm so glad you all did.

I sincerely hope you stay with me because I'm sure I'll feel the need to do it again. :0

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