Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Sister (YFS)

July 3rd is my sister's birthday.  I have discovered, from looking through photo albums, that we were photographed together a lot.  She is younger than me and she is also skinnier than me, but she's not more fun than me.  She doesn't show her mischievous side very often but I love when that happens. 

I had once, actually it was twice, (two years in a row) sent anniversary flowers to my parents with the card signed "Your Favorite Daughter".  Both times my mother guessed wrong.  It was funny.  I had hoped to get a laugh from it and I did.  Mom did not.  So now, my sister and I sign everything YFS, Your Favorite Sister.  It has taken on a life of it's own.  She's YFA to my daughters, etc

We are very much alike and very much different.

 Here we are very much alike with Farrah hair.
I'm over there, to the right.    (Sisters should not let sisters go out in public in blue eyeshadow.)

I also have a July Birthday so we will have to
celebrate long distance. 

Save me a seat on the pontoon and I want a G & T, double lime please.


Sweet Tea said...

Happy Birthday to your sister. Loved the Favorite Sister story - you are a HOOT!! You had the perfect Farrah hair that I always wanted. You and your sister are both cuties!

Gran said...

Happy Birthday to your sis! I loved your favorite sister story also, and the Beatles of course!

And I think we all had hair like that in ~1973 :)

Anonymous said...

I don't show my fun side????? Like you are the wild and crazy daredevil???? How could we?? Mom always played the guilt card, "What will people think?"
Thanks for the shout out. :)
Don't let the sun catch you crying!!!

Kathy said...

Hope your sis has a great birthday! I always wanted a sister, never got one...I did wear blue eye shadow though! LOL

Bobbi said...

Happy birthday to sister! I had to come over when I saw your comment on Sweet Tea, so you remember the slam book as well?? I had already commented about the slam book, then read what you wrote. I used to love the slam books... :)

(Florida) Girl said...

The story about your mom guessing wrong is a riot. And the photos made me smile.

I am off to friend you on goodreads.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday to your sister! Love the Farrah hair..I had it too..what a pain in the butt to grow out.. oh yeah blue eyeshadow I think I still have some in the drawer:)

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes to my sister. That YFS had a lot of ???? didn't she?

I look at all of the hair syyles we went through... Wow... some should not have been docmented.

Intense Guy said...

Now to start with YFB (blogger).

:) I love the hair - I grew up umm... admiring it.

Hope you had a good birthday YFS!

My neice always calls herself your favorite neice/granddaughter... of course, she is the only girl!

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