Friday, December 9, 2011

Old Songs Time

I was reading a book the other day that mentioned the male character's favorite romantic song was "These Arms of Mine".    I couldn't get interested in the rest of the book so I only read about 25 pages and returned it to the library.  But that song... that song has stayed with me.  I remember dancing in the gym after football games to that song.  It is indeed a romantic one.  (Frankly, who I danced with is not in my memory bank any longer, but the song stayed.  We know what I valued don't we?)

Being the music person that I am, that got me thinking about songs in movies that just made the movie, for me, such a great "chick" thing and I am not offended my calling a movie that.

I mean, really, how many times have we watched Dirty Dancing?   Seriously?  It wasn't for the profound dialogue.  "Nobody puts Baby in a corner/"   No, it was for the dancing and this.

Big sigh.  Now if those guys I was dancing with at those school dances, back in the 60s, were dancing like Patrick here, I would darn well have remembered their names, but, believe me, no one I knew danced like that!   Lordy, Lordy! 

I was swept away by this song too.   Way back in the 80's was long before Tom jumped on Oprah's couch.   Living beside the Navy/Marine  Cherry Point Air Station,  I now have the newer models of these jets and more flying over my house.  I think there may be a Pete Maverick or two up there.

This woman is a heck of an actress because years later I learned she's gay so while I was thinking she was one lucky lady she was probably thinking about lunch. 

These are songs of romance.  I'm sure there are singers and songs and movies now that are just as romantic.  I still watch the chick flicks of today and nothing really stands out to me.  Maybe that's part of all the remakes now.  They are trying to recreate the magic again.  Some things are better left alone.


Kay said...

I'd forgotten how very sexy these movies were without having to show every darn thing! Phew! My husband just walked in. He asked me what I was looking at. :-)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I hear songs of the past and they will remind me of someone or some place in the past. I love good music.

Rae said...

I like those songs too. Those old songs sure bring back the memories. Funny how they can sweep you back to a moment in time and how you can remember it like it was only yesterday.

Kathy said...

It never ceases to amaze me at how much you and I have in common--other than our names! I LOVE all of these songs! These Arms of Mine is associated with boyfriend #2. When I play it, it takes me right back in time...Ed has no worries, boyfriend #2 has passed away. I just love "soul" music.

Intense Guy said...

The only song and dance I remember from the school gym was a Phsyical Education class - and the dance inculded jumping jacks... I think the song was titled "Go You Chicken Fat Go!"

mary said...

Okay, for some reason the videos in your post are not showing up on my computer. I was frustrated by it at first, but as I read through your post I had no problem at all visualizing the exact video clips you must have posted. Great scenes.

Daughter #2 said...

Good songs!

Daughter #3 said...

To Make You Feel My Love - Hope Floats
My Heart Will Go On - Titanic
I Will Always Love You - The Bodyguard
Unchained Melody - Ghost

And after making this list, I realize that they are almost all from when I was an infant or not even an idea. I guess they don't make them the same, huh?

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