Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Bling Mirror

Before Christmas I was making a project for daughter #3 for Christmas.  She had e mailed me photos of her hot pink accent wall and the dresser she had painted to match, back in the fall.

The dresser really does match the wall.
So I got busy giving an old mirror, a flea market table, and some garage sale picture frames a new life.

I sprayed painted it with high gloss black enamel paint and then raided my jewelry box of pearls, broaches, earrings and as much bling as I could find.  When that wasn't enough, I hunted garage sales, the flea market and craft stores to add more.

It surprised me how all that jewelry disappeared onto that frame.  I used a tiling cement ( the same as I used to put up ceramic tiles in my bathroom) and sprayed it black while it was still wet.  that way I could sink the jewelry down into it to hold tight.   After that I was a hot glue gun fanatic with the craft store bling. Those are not as heavy as real jewelry and that worked fine.

Of course, I turned it upright but Blogger insists on not recognizing that.  It's difficult to get a photo of a mirror and not be in it as well.

Allie took some photos for Facebook so I stole a couple.

Looks like the mirror needs a little Windex under the jewels.  Oops. 
Then I went to work on the other pieces.

More black spray enamel and a few more jewels and she was set.

 The mirror, I've had forever.  The table was $3.00 flea market find.  The frames were 25 to 50 cents each.  It was the hunt for jewelry that added up.  (Kinda like the free goldfish my grandson brought home from the science fair that required a new fish tank and filter system....)

Now I'm waiting for pictures of it all put together in her room.


Daughter #3 said...

They are fantastic and I love them! They match my room and give it that extra personal touch that nobody else will have. Definitely a one of a kind and my work friends are already asking if my mom can make them mirrors as well.

Sweet Tea said...

What a makeover.
What a lucky daughter you have and I can't wait to see them in your dd's house!

Gran said...

These are wonderful! Happy New Year! And it sounds like you could start a classy mirror business!

Kay said...

Wow! I am really impressed. That is now a treasured heirloom! Your daughter is so very lucky to have such a creative mother.

Deanna said...

Now that is just plain awesome! I never would have thought to do that. I'll bet you have the happiest daughter ever right now!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

What a delightful post! I love what you did to those frames. You certainly have an eye for beauty!

Intense Guy said...

Wow. Now that is artistry!

You've quite a gift!

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