Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Back

We are back home again and our hearts are full of good memories of hugs, laughter, quiet conversations and rip roaring belly laughs.   The visit with our daughters and grandsons in Michigan seemed to go by at lightening speed.

I took a craft project to the boys to work on with me.  I told them the good thing about art is there is  there is no "wrong" way to do it.  It's all good.  These are cheap wooden frames from Micheal's that they decorated to put in pictures of their latest trip to Cancun and their sports photos from the things they do.  I just enjoyed watching them create their own style.

Terry and Brett in their Michigan attire.  # 16 is the quarterback Denard Robinson's number. I don't know which guy was the happiest that Daughter #1 got that jersey for Brett.   (And, let me say, Michigan won their bowl game.  It was not a pretty win but it was a win.)

My other daughters got Tanner the Michael Jackson Wii game that teaches Michael's dance moves and really rocks yours body.  Tanner could really get into it but the adults doing it was priceless.

All I can say now is "Thank God for Kids".  For being able to spend time with my own adult daughters and for the being able to share Christmas with my boys.  (I have always called them "My" boys.  My daughter was so kind  to give birth to them for me!  And, Tanner on my Birthday too.. Nice of her, right?)  This was Brett's first year in knowing Mom and Dad are Santa.  Tanner is wondering but still wants to believe.  They are 9 and 10 right now.  This was a very special Christmas.

So I came back refreshed and with some new ideas to blog about.  Boy, do I have some catching up to do on what all of you have been doing while I was gone.  So now I'll go visit "all y"all" as we say down here.


Suldog said...

I am sometimes a non-grateful slug. I just now noticed that you have me linked on your sidebar. I have reciprocated. Thanks!

Intense Guy said...

Welcome home y'all!!!

:) Sounds like you had the perfect trip!

Kathy said...

So glad you had a nice Christmas with your family! Welcome home! I missed you :)

Deanna said...

Welcome back home. It sounds like it was a wonderful get away! Those Wii dance games can kick butt! We did the Just Dance one with the grands last Christmas and I thought I'd die!

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful Christmas didn't we? Your right I don't know if Brett was happier to get the jersey or if Pa was knowing I got it for Brett. Maybe next year he will get one so they match.

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