Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Home Parties

My first memory of a home party was my mother buying Sarah Coventry jewelry.  She didn't have a lot of extra  money in the late 1950s into the 1960s so I can't imagine the pieces cost much even then.  I still have ( or had is a better word)  one thin chained necklace in silver with a twisted design hanging from it.  ( Allison has it now or I would take a photo of it and believe me, I have hunted Google for an hour looking for it.)   You may be surprised to see you have a left over piece too.  It is clearing stamped on the back.

After that I think the Avon lady was ringing our doorbell.  Sometime in that same era she discovered Tupperware.  I think that bottom green bowl in the upper left corner, is still at my Dad's house.

This was our mother's Tupperware.  Ours, or at least, mine, was the orange, yellow and bright blue heavy duty kind that warped in the dishwasher.  ( Now, it doesn't)  My girls carried those Sippy cups around for years.  I bought the majority of my Tupperware in the 1970s and it's gone now.  I dish washered it when I wasn't supposed to.  Oops....

Here's a sick Allison with blankets, her pillow, kitty and her Tupperware sippy.

Into the 1980's I discovered a few other home party companies. 

Home Interior

I can't tell you how many of these votive light globes I bought.  I had green and gold and clear I believe. 

in the 1980s, my sister had a couple of Copper Parties and after searching Google again, I still could not find a home party company. 

I do know these are votive candle holders, but there were punch cups like this that would actually frost on the outside when we used them for a favorite 80's punch.  You could only hold onto them by wrapping them in a napkin first..

The punch I used to do at Blueberry Festival time.  In that large green Tupperware bowl would go
1 large can frozen orange juice concentrate
1 large can frozen lemonade concentrate
Here you could add either frozen limeade, pineapple or other flavor
1 full Fifth of Vodka (that was the only liquid)

It would get "almost" frozen but the booze would not let it freeze solid.  You would put a couple scoops of that in the copper cups and then pour 7 Up over the top.

Did that a few times ! 

In there somewhere too, was Princess House 

I must not have bought anything.  I know my sister has had these coffee cups forever.  She uses them everyday.  I've never seen her with any other kind of coffee cup.

I'm not much of a crystal buyer evidently, but I am a candle buyer.

I still have a couple of those mint green candle boxes waiting to be opened and burned.

And that brings me to one last party.

Pampered Chef

I love this pizza stone.  Mine is not so clean and pretty.  The think with these stones is, you can't wash them.  They would absorb the soapy water. So I scrap like a mad woman.  And, I am scrapping with that little brown square of plastic I had to buy, just for that purpose.

I don't think I've seen the end of home parties.  I do know I've seen the end of me hosting them.


Sweet Tea said...

I have been to many of the parties you mentioned. I have lots of Tupperware and it has served me well for years. The same goes for Pwmpered Chef items!

Laura said...

I've been to so many Tupperware and Home Interiors parties...
I used to host a Tupperware party once a year, but then the woman who did them must have stopped because she quit bugging me. The last party I was to was for Scentsy, which I actually like, but how many warmers can you buy? The on before that was for Miche bags. I caved and bought one with two covers. I never liked it and ended up giving it to my daughter. My daughter's been talking about having a Pampered Chef or some other kind of party (I can't remember - something to do with food).
Last night American Experience (on PBS) had the history of Tupperware. It was actually pretty interesting.

Kathy said...

My boys used those Tupperware sippy cups, too! They were so much better than what was available in stores back then.

I love my pizza stone, too. I cheat and wash mine with soapy water, but I don't immerse it. It still looks dirty though!

gigihawaii said...

I hosted a Stanley house party when I was a college student in Hawaii. It was for their cosmetics line, and I was the guinea pig. The lighting was very poor, so I ended up looking like a freak with too much make up. Lol. Never again!

Intense Guy said...

I remember the Tupperware lady! And the Avon lady too!

My next door neighbor was the local Avon lady. My mom only bought some after bath talc from her.

The Tupperware lady was the mom of a boy I used to play with. Tupperware was, according to my mom, very pricey back then (1970s), but it lasted and lasted. I still have a couple of them handed down when I went to college.

My dad was the only one that was able to destroy them - I remember an evening of some "sharp" words when it was discovered he used one of the larger bowls to catch the drained oil from the car.

Suldog said...

I recall being dragged to a Tupperware party, by My Mom, because she couldn't find a sitter and had promised to be there. It wasn't that bad, actually, as the hostess had a kid I could play with and there were goodies like brownies for refreshments. We had some of that Tupperware for years and years.

As Laura said, PBS just recently showed a special on Tupperware, and it was pretty damn interesting. If you haven't seen it, you should see if it's coming on in your area.

Far Side of Fifty said...

i was an Avon Lady in High School..I took over my Mothers route when she gave it up..good thing that gas was cheap back then as we lived in the country. When my girls were little I was a Tupperware Lady..because the parties were at night..I don't have much tupperware left..I use the old cereal containers for flour and sugar!
I love my stone from Pampered Chef and last week I ordered one of their pitchers and their measuring cups are on my list of wants...the ones that fold flat!! How about the Lingerie parties and Creative Memories..I don't ever go..but my daughter does and I order through her. I have some red votives someplace..almost collectors items soon:)

Deanna said...

My mother hated home parties and only went to them under duress. Everyone had to have tupperware! There was a company before Home Interior that sold similar stuff - the name escapes me - but my children's babysitter was always hosting parties and I always felt obliged to go. And it seemed someone was always selling jewelry! I'm still a big fan of pampered chef, even though there isn't a darn thing I need!

Rae said...

I remember Tupperware well. We had cabinets full of the stuff. My mom sold Avon, but I think she bought so much for herself, she never made a profit. This was a fun look back at home parties. Some nice memories too.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I'm not a fan of home parties ... just give me the catalog and let me choose what I want. ;-)

Chatty Crone said...

I've been to more then my share of these - lol. sandie

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