Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Thoughts

1.  In the last couple of weeks we have lost a couple of television icons for us baby boomers.   One was Don Grady from MY THREE SONS (1960 - 1972).   Oh, my goodness.  I thought he was the cutest thing walking, back then.  He was also one of the original Mouseketeers before he got that job and went on to be a musician and composer.  He composed the theme to the Phil Donahue show. Who knew?

See, cutest brother, right?

2.  The other loss was Andy Griffith.  Of course,  THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (1960 -1968)  was required watching for baby boomers. Mayberry was a small  town where Deputy Barney Fife was only allowed to carry one bullet in his pocket, not in his gun.

For a short time we were able to watch little Oppie grow through the trials and tribulations of childhood with the gentle guidance of his Dad and Aunt Bea.

I know Andy went on to do other things, like MATLOCK, (that my mother loved) but I think of him in Mayberry,  or maybe, sitting on that park bench, "Waitin' On a Woman" with Brad Paisley.

3. I had to stop watching "Dallas". I couldn't get past Larry Harman's eyebrows. Trim those things. 

4.  TOMKAT ....what can I say?   Lots!   I was a Tom Cruise fan for many years.  You've heard the phrase, "jumping the shark"??  It originated when Fronzie from Happy Days did just that on one episode and there after it became known as the moment when everything goes down hill.  Or, the British term is "going pearshaped". 

So, for me, when Tom jumped the couch on Oprah, that was pretty much it for me. (Maverick would not be jumping on a couch!)  Then he got into the argument with Matt Lauer on the Today Show and that only added reinforcement for me.

Poor Katie (he always said "Kate" - seriously) Holmes rarely said a work after the first gush was over.  I loved the t-shirts and websites that said "Free Katie".  I guess she got tired of all the stuff that goes with Tom and decided to get out of Dodge.... or California, anyway.  So, Katie, I say...."Well done."

I have to thank Google for all the photos from my childhood.  Thanks for the memories.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I loved the Andy Griffith Show..good clean humor the whole family could watch:)

Vicky said...

Ahhh Don Grady bestill my heart :)

I so can't wait for Dallas to start here in OZ!

BECKY said...

Oh, I LOVED the Andy Griffith Show, but only the first couple of years, with Don Knotts. After he left, I couldn't even watch it. It just wasn't funny, or sweet, or had that "feeling" to it, ya know? I wrote about it on my blog, too. Please stop by if you have a chance. I'm glad I happened upon this post tonight! :)

Sweet Tea said...

Loved these random thoughts and photos. I will especially miss Andy of Mayberry!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I'm LOL about Larry's eyebrows! I so agree. Trim the things. Ugh!
Can you believe I rarely watched Andy's show? Don't know why, unless there was something else on my parents wanted to watch. I did see quite a few Matlocks. Andy was a good man and a good actor.
I don't blame Katie for getting away from Tom! I always thought it was probably an arrangement of some sort anyway.

Gran said...

I'm not watching Dallas, but Larry's eyebrows are a hoot! so sad about Andy Griffith and Don Grady. And I'm so proud of Katie, wish her all the best.

Deanna said...

I hadn't heard that Grady died. He was young. Grew up on My Three Sons!

Andy Griffith... what an American icon. Right up there with John Wayne.

Tom Cruise... bleh.

Dallas - haven't watched and don't plan to. I predict it won't survive.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I wasn't surprised at the news about Tom and Katie. I'm surprised that she was able to stick it out this long. That guy is just weird...but he still looks good! LOL

Intense Guy said...

Andy Griffith was a true gentlemen and role model for all -

Add Ernest Borgnine to the list --

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