Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Good Day For Cruisin'

I had started a post this morning but stopped to run to the post office to mail another care package to my 2 Lansing, Mi. daughters.  The care packages started when Daughter #1 was in college and I wanted to keep in touch.  That was many years ago and the care packages still go out... but, I digress.  Good Lord, it is beautiful out there.

We had snow over last weekend.  A big snow for down here in Carolina Coast Country.  The news said about 7 inches. Being from Michigan, I don't want to see snow.  I moved away from snow.  I visited snow at Christmas, but I do  not want to live in snow.

Today is 60 degrees!  Oh, yes!!  I had the car windows down, arm out the window, fresh air blowing through... I was cruisin'.  I was reminded so much of my teen springs when the kids hit the road to Chesaning to cruise town.  My own town only had one traffic light.  The police once stopped my sister because she had gotten a new car and the officer didn't recognize her in it.   No one cruised on their home turf. Everyone knew everyone all ready. No "cool" guys were left.  You had to go to the next town to find coolness.  Of course.

Being a girl, I gave little thought to the fact that I was driving Daddy's car.  Of course I didn't have my own car.  Guys had cars.  Usually the girls didn't.  I had two things going for me though. My father is a "car guy".  I had learned from my mother, that when you shop for clothes, the more you try on the more she'd buy.  I figured that might work for automobiles too.  So I went car shopping with my father when he was in the market for a new vehicle.  I was lucky enough to have talked him into a Dodge and white, with dual exhausts. ( Just imagine the red one as gold )   It roared.. totally cool.

  My mother was not pleased.  Along with that, my best friend's father had bought her, for her 16th Birthday a 1965 Thunderbird. Oh yeah!!  Did it help? Not a bit.  Did we have fun?  You bet.

We would grab a car load of girls and cruise on over to Chesaning, where we would drive though town, about a mile out to the A&W and black again.  The windows would be down and the radio would be blasting "California Dreaming, Brown Eyed Girl, Good Vibrations and of course, "She'll have fun, fun, fun, 'til Daddy takes her T-bird away".

The whole purpose of the drive was to meet boys! Of course... Just to get a phone number.  The cars of guys, and it should be their own car,   (a little double standard going on there.)  would follow you, cruise by you and then you may pick up another car of male cruisers.  All to get a phone number.  I can honestly say, I never did.  I never dated someone from another town.  Darn.....  but I had a great time cruisn' on those warm spring days.  It was the total experience of the freedom we had, the music and the hope of catching the big one.  In this case, the fun was all about the chase.

I'm sure there are other Cruisn' towns and other stories.  What was yours?

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