Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Fragrance Were You Wearing?

Like music, certain smells can transport you through time as well.
Certain fragrances, for me, conjure up pajama parties, football heroes, dances, first jobs, and other wondrous moments in my history.  I'm sure the mention of a name or brand can do the same for most of us.

My first "had to have" was Ambush cologne by Dana, in the bright pink bottle.  Most of the time I had to settle for the Avon fragrances of "Unforgettable" or  "Sweet Honesty".   Those just did not capture the "It factor" of Ambush's jasmine, bergamot and patchouli tones.   My mother wore Topaz and Occur by Avon.

 Ambush's sister fragrance was Tabu.  Only one person I knew wore that.  My favorite checker at the IGA.  Tabu was full of exotic tones that could easily enter a room before you.  You had to be a brave woman to carry it off,  so myself and my young friends stayed far away.. 

Dana also had marketed to young men with Canoe After Shave.  I see Princeton haircuts, clean cut faces and can almost inhale the citrus freshness of this cologne.  Shortly after the Canoe phase came another hit for Dana .  British Sterling.  Everything and anything British was "mod".  This had to be about the mid to late 1960s. 

To the aroma of citrus, add amber to get British Sterling..  My father received some as a gift, back in the day, and I am sure there is still a bottle in his bathroom. He's continued to wear it through the ages.  Also, about this time came Brut, Jade East,  English Leather, and High Karate. 
My sister was wearing Faberge's Tigress at this time.  It was a spicy, musky scent that really contrasted to her other favorite, Houbigant's Chantilly.    Their website says it is composed on sandalwood, moss and orange blossoms.  All I remember from that fragrance is the cloud of powder coming out from the the bathroom door after my sister took a bath.  It is exceedingly difficult to find dusting powder today.  I've looked.  You really felt pampered with that puff flying.

Mixed in there as well, were Coty's Emeraude and Windsong.  Guirlan had Shalimar.  White Shoulders and Heaven Scent floated in the halls around you.

What surprises me most was the fact that these were old, well established ,colognes long before we discovered them. The manufacturer Dana had been around since the 1930s.  Coty's Emeraude from the 20s. I had thought they were marketed and developed for that time.  Talk about the  "It's all about me" mindset of teenagers.   All of them were sold on drug store shelves.  That was what we could afford and the marketing for them had to have been great.

Through the years I have worn some winners and some losers.  I have tried Vanderbilt, Cher, Giorgio, Ciara, and Charlie.  I was hunting for something that would be right for me.  I got bored with each one after one bottle.  Then I discovered "Beautiful" by Estee Lauder.  I've worn it from the beginning.  I never get tired of it.   I may try something else in addition, but that is my fragrance of choice. And that is my fragrance journey.  Where did yours start?

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Rootietoot said...

I love Emeraude. My mother used to wear White Shoulders. I remember finding Emeraude at a drug store shortly after getting married, and new husband bought some for Christmas that year. I STILL love it! It matters not at all that I could get Chanel no5 or some other $150 perfume, I want that Emeraude.

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