Friday, January 14, 2011

You Never Know What You WIll Learn at the Grocery Store

  I just got home from another dreaded trip to the grocery store and I'm sure my jaw is still hanging on my chest.  As I got in line behind the only couple at the check out, I observed noticeable laughter.  There was one checker bagging and one manager joining in on the chatter.  All females.  Ok.. scene set.  The woman in front of me said, I've got a story." she said as she looked around.  She saw me and said " No, I should stop right here."  I had to join in.  I said, " You can't stop now.   I won't be in line behind you on your next visit."  Great laughter ensued...  The lady bagging then said, " I married my sister's ex-husband.  They were married for 10 years and now he's been married to me for 37."  I told her that tops my story. 

My husband proposed 2 weeks after our first date.  I was 31.  He was 26.  (Good for me, right?) In our family that was hot stuff. That was 29 years ago last week.  Now I see that's some pretty tame stuff.   

The manager then shared that she had dated her sister's husband before they were married.  I said,  "I can see that happening."   She smiled, " They were living together at the time."   I told her, "That's just wrong."  She then shared that he had been playing them both. I think she was caught.  I was done.  I thought my  LARC ( Life After Red Cross) friends had complicated lives.  ( 5 of us that all worked together formed LARC after we left that organization 27 years ago.)  The sister's boyfriend?  Wasn't that Sammie and Carrie on Days of Our Lives, years ago.  I'm not good with soaps so I may be wrong on that.  I'm still stuck on Brenda and Jagger or Miquel on General Hospital.

So what is this doing in a boomer bog?  They were all boomers.  All of them.  So, this was going on in the "If You Can't Be With the One You Love" age.   I'm just amazed at the stuff you hear when you least expect it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, fact is sometimes stranger than fiction--sure sounds like a soap opera! LOL I never get in on a conversation like that at the grocery store :)

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