Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1970's Variety Shows

Back when I was a young woman ( had to change that from teen once I looked it up because the song I liked was from 1972), I have warm memories of watching variety shows, in the evening,  with my mother.    I didn't leave home until I got married (for the first time - which was in '72 as well, I think.  I really have wiped that memory out.)  

We watched Tom Jones wiggle and gyrate those hips and Mac Davis crooned.Wikipedia says his  show ran from 1974-1976 so this was during the chaos that was my first marriage. Believe me, I needed quiet time with Mom.

 Tom is still around but Mac pretty much drifted away.  Terry and I saw Tom Jones in Las Vegas in the early 90s and he was still doing the same thing.  There is just something wrong with a middle aged man doing hip thrusts!

Mac, I would say, was more successful as a song writer than a performer.  He wrote, Elvis's  In The Ghetto, A Little Less Conversation, Memories, and Don't Cry Daddy.    He wrote for many other artists as well. 

On stage, Mac was low key and easy to watch.  You wonder what makes some artists continue on and others fade away.  Maybe he wanted to retire.  I, for one, missed him.

This is still a great oldie for a sing along.  After listening to the lyrics all these years later,  I think, you dog you!  Funny how life experiences influence your opinions  on past events.

I do remember "the scandal" when his second wife Sarah left him for Glen Campbell.  Mac, according to Wikipedia,  was born in 1942.  He met Sarah after his divorce from his first wife when she, at 16, and living in his apartment building with her mother.  They were married in 1971 when she was 18, until 1976 when she traded him in for Glen.    That would have made him about 29 and her 18....  but 16 when they met.  Oh, Good Grief! 

Is there a singer or an actor that is no longer active that you miss?  Someone that faded away, rather than died. 


Sweet Tea said...

Funny, I had a conversation last weekend with a 30 something gal about Mac Davis. She brought up the subject and I was much surprised she even knew about him. I loved Mac Davis AND Glen Campbell. For some reason Tom Jones always seemed OLD to me, even when he was young. Strange how the mind works, isn't it?!

Chatty Crone said...

Glenn Campbell has Alzheimer :(. I miss the Carol Burnett Show. Sandie

Simone said...

Like Chattie, I also miss the Carol Burnett show as well as the Flip Wilson show. There were some great variety shows on during that time. Too bad they are so unpopular.

Anonymous said...

All of my favorites have died (Sinatra, Paul Newman, even Rock Hudson). I rarely listen to music or watch movies anymore.

Anonymous said...

Loved Mac Davis, Glenn Campbell was a wild person with Tanya Tucker, she is still going strong her kids are almost grown, never married at all..Glenn Campbell has Alzheimers and his wife and children are on the road for the last time, put out a great album maybe the reason he was into drugs and alcohol is that he was having very early Alzheimers, no one knows when it starts in people, horrible disease!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deanna said...

For some reason the link wouldn't play, but now I'm humming "Baby don't get hooked on me" in my mind. Loved Mac Davis. Haven't thought of him in years! I don't remember the whole scandal, but I was in the middle of raising kids when it happened, so I was out of the loop on a lot of things at that time. I can't think of anyone that just faded away and I wish he hadn't. My heart throbbed for Neil Diamond. I'm kinda wishing he had just faded away because now when I hear him he talks a lot of his songs and doesn't quite hit the notes and I am always disappointed that he tried at all!

Oh, and Tom Jones... yuck! lol

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