Thursday, June 14, 2012

Random Thoughts

I'm in the midst of washing laundry and packing to leave for Florida in the early AM tomorrow but I've had a couple of things bumping around in my head.

1.  Whatever happened to Kitty Bartholomew?   Her motto was "It's not what you have. It's what you do with what you have."  Before there was Martha Stewart, there was Kitty.

I was fascinated with that gray streak in her hair.  That's how my gray started but I didn't have her "own it" philosophy, so I colored mine.   I liked her.  Wonder where she is now.

2.  I DVRed Dallas last night.  I haven't watched it yet.  Is anyone else watching because we missed J.R., Sue Ellen and Bobby?  I, for one, loved those big shoulder pads and the sequins that were forever present.  No, I know I'm not going to see those again.  OK, maybe a little glitter when it comes to the Cattle Barons Ball. Right?    Bobby and Pam were my favorites, back in the day.  I'm sorry she is not included in this one too.  From articles I have read (which said she chose not to be a part of then interview) it seems there may have been a little dissension there.  I'll miss Pamela Ewing.

3.  The DOJ is not going after John Edwards anymore.  Good.  Big waste of $$$ I think.  There are far worse criminals out there.  Go after them.  We all know this one is a scum bag.  He has already lost the lone thing most important to him. His reputation and his career.

4.  Remember when wearing a full white slip was a must do thing?

Nobody wore one better than Liz in  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  I haven't worn one in decades.  A half slip occasionally, but not a full one. If a dress or skirt was heavy and not a see through thing, I didn't wear any slip.  Ladies, did you keep your slip?

I hear my dryer shut off. Time to go.  Do you have a random thought rolling around in your head too? If so, what is it?


Sweet Tea said...

What a refreshing post. Liz certainly sizzled in that slip.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I still have my slips ... just half slips. I rarely wear a dress, but I just don't feel fully dressed without a slip, regardless of whether I really need one (in terms of see-through-ness of the material).

Far Side of Fifty said...

I used to love the feel of a slip. I still have a half
I liked Kitty too..I am not certain what happened to her.

John Edwards made his own bed now he should lie in it..or lay?

Suldog said...

Well, not a lot to share, but here's what I've got.

I never watched "Dallas" until the final episode. And that was only because MY WIFE watched it. I might have been the person least interested, in the entire country, about who shot JR.

A full white slip is SEXY beyond compare. More women should wear them. And nothing else :-)

Kay said...

Gosh... I don't even know if I even have a full slip anymore. I've always worn half slips. Liz Taylor looked good in everything.

I looked Dallas up on Google because I liked Pamela too. Turns out they pretty much killed her off since she left the series in its final year.

Intense Guy said...

A naturally occurring streak of gray in the hair is a sign of a recessive gene - and one that might indicate hereditary deafness. My grandparents all had it ('cept the bald one) and my brothers and I are hearing impaired.

John Edwards is like many politicians. Perhaps they all need to be exported when their one and only term is up?

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