Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aunt Minnie Sanders Lester

This beautiful young mother is my grandmother's (Flossie Mae Sanders Pope) oldest sibling, Minnie ( Martha) with her husband Lindsey Lester and 2 of her 9 living (11 births) children.  Aunt Minnie was 18 years old when my grandmother was born, in 1907.  Bessie, sitting on Uncle Lindsey's lap was born the same year.

Hamilton Jackson SANDERS-1 (1850-1900)  Tennessee
      sp-Docia C. STRICKLIN-2 (1856-1913)  Alabama
         2-- John "Jack" Robert Hamilton, SR. SANDERS-3 (1870-1918)  Madison County,Tennessee
          sp-Julia Ann DICKERSON-10 (1869-1918)  Tennessee
             3-- Martha Ann " Minnie" SANDERS-11 (1889-1983)  Tennessee
              sp-William Lindsey LESTER-17 (1878-1960)  Kentucky
                 4-- Bessie LESTER-18 (1907-    )  Cardwell,Dunklin County,Missouri
                 4-- Chester William LESTER-19 (1910-    )  Cardwell,Dunklin County,Missouri
                 4-- Dessie LESTER-20 (1913-    )  Cardwell,Dunklin County,Missouri
                  sp-Earl M. VAUGHN-29 (    -    )
                 4-- Vinna LESTER-21 (1916-    )  Cardwell,Dunklin County,Missouri
                  sp-Henderson RANSOM-30 (    -    )
                 4-- Clayton Sylvester LESTER-22 (1917-1998)  Dunklin County,Missouri
                  sp-Ellene VAUGHN-31 (    -    )
                    5-- Janet LESTER-32 (    -    )
                     5-- Jerold LESTER-33 (    -    )
                 4-- J. R. LESTER-23 (1921-1997)  Dunklin County,Missouri
                 4-- Bertin LESTER-24 (1923-1924)  Buffalo,Dunklin County,Missouri
                 4-- Eula Captola LESTER-25 (1925-2003)  Paragould,Greene County,Arkansas
                  sp-Billy W. LAMBERT,-34 (1924-1990)  Dunklin County,Missouri
                     5-- Billy W., JR. LAMBERT,-35 (1954-2006)  Dunklin County,Missouri
                 4-- Jerold Leon LESTER-26 (1927-2002)  Cardwell,Dunklin County,Missouri
                  sp-Beulah "Boots" G. SISSOM-36 (1930-1994)
                     5-- Alice Jane LESTER-37 (    -    )
                     5-- Joy Kay LESTER-38 (    -    )
                 4-- William D. LESTER-27 (1929-1930)  Dunklin County,Missouri
                 4-- Elizabeth Louise LESTER-28 (1930-1931)

My Grandmother gave me this photo when I was a teenager.  It has been sitting in a frame on an antique secretary since I was 20 years old.... or 40 years.  The frame I found as a teenager, as well.  They just go together don't they?

As a young teen and adult, I remember my grandmother living in a home owned by Aunt Minnie on their cotton farm in Cardwell, Missouri.  Aunt Minnie lived down the dirt road,  in the "big house".  My grandmother was 5 foot nothing and Aunt Minnie, aptly named,  was much smaller.  Partly, I'm sure, from age. 

I would like to give this photo to someone directly descended from her.  So many have passed on that I have no idea how to begin finding that certain person who would love it as much as I have. 

My email is available. In the meantime,  I'll continue to take care of them.


Nezzy said...

What a treasured photo ya have there and you are so generous in tryin' to find the heirs for it. Just precious...

God bless ya and have a super week!!! :o)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey I can send Iggy( Intense Guy) over..he is a whiz at finding people..I bet he could find relatives with an address and perhaps even a phone number for you in a day or two. I will send him the link to this blog entry.
It is a beautiful photo..and I am with you if it can be left with family ..go for it! :)

Intense Guy said...

I think your frame really brings this photo to life as does your back story. I sent you an email.


Anonymous said...

I am a granddaughter of Minnie Lester's I would love to talk to you. I sent you an email with my phone number. I hope to hear from you. I now live in SC. Janet

Thomas Sanders said...

HEY THERE!!! I am the son of Grady Doyle Sanders... I am in your direct line and this is just amazing!!!! my email is

Thomas Sanders said...

My name is Thomas Sanders I am a son Grady Doyle Sanders. I would Love to talk to you :-)

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