Sunday, April 10, 2011

Comment Problems

I was informed ( and thank you so much for that) that recently some web browsers have had issues with my blog and some bloggers cannot leave comments.  I know these same people have left comments in the past so something is greatly screwed up about this. 

My husband and computer guru said he will research it for me, but until he finds something, or even if he finds it, if the issue can be fixed... I will have to wait and see.   I know Explorer and Mozilla work.   Google Chrome does not, but it has in the past.  Until it is remedied, please stick with me.

I appreciate the comments that are left and I certainly appreciate knowing there are problems. 

I will keep posting and will give updates when necessary on my "bug" problem.


Rae said...

I am glad you posted this. I have tried to leave comments a number of times and your blog would freeze every time. I use chrome, so after reading this I switched to explorer to comment. I left a message to you about the problem, but I don't think you read it. I hope you find the solution to the problem.

Laura said...

I had problems posting photos on my blog a couple of weeks ago and had to switch from internet explorer to mozilla. Frustrating for sure!

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