Monday, August 29, 2011

Cape Hatteras and Rodanthe Area After Irene

We are still in the recovery phase of Irene.  I know most of the country has moved on.  I was lucky.  These poor folks on the Outer Banks were not.

Terry and I took a weekend trip last fall  over to Ocracoke and traveled up the highway to Cape Hatteras and on to Rodanthe.  If any of my fellow reader have read Nights in Rodanthe  by Nichols Sparks, you will know what a romantic feel that movie gave the area.  It happened to be one of his I had read.  I learned when I arrived in North Carolina that he lives in New Bern,  about 30 minutes west of me and is required reading in this area.  So we traveled that road looking for "the house" only to learn that it was saved demolition due to it's unstable condition.  It was moved to an "undisclosed" area.

You may recognize it.

When I saw the movie, I knew this was not a good idea.  An anonymous buyer saved it.

When I started this post, I  hadn't even thought of that house.  I think I needed the good news to share first, because this is that road now.  

There are 5 breaches in Highway 12 along the banks.   These is from photoblog.msnbc.msn.

Supplies have been ferried out to the residents that stayed.  It cannot even begin to imagine how long it will take to get them connected again.

That shows how tenuous those homes are.  It takes a strong constitution to remain.  I'm glad we went when we did because no one is traveling there any time soon.


Sweet Tea said...

Those photos tell a horrendous story. Awful.
Just Awful.

I saw the movie and that beautiful, romantic house.

Laura said...

So very sad...

Chatty Crone said...

So very sad for this beautiful place to be so tore up - God bless the people. sandie

(Florida) Girl said...

Wow. Sending out wishes for a speedy recovery.

Deanna said...

I've read every single one of Nicholas Sparks' books and loved the movie. That house is amazing. The devastation shown in those pictures is heart breaking.

Kathy said...

I'm so glad you are okay! I thought about you the entire weekend.
As for the rest of the folks, it's simply heartbreaking and unimaginable. So much devastation.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a great house..I have not read the book..I think I may have it in a pile someplace:)
I have always wanted to live at the beach..but maybe not so much anymore. That damage will take some time to repair.:(

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