Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let's Talk

I used to know some interesting women.  I would join them for an hour here and there when I was available, during my working years.  In my humble opinion, they have become so self promoting, that now I have some new friends.  The old friends were on "The View".  Barbara, Joy, Sherri, Elizabeth and the next has changed over the years from Meredith, to Rosie to Whoopie.  Over the years I've grown tired of the in-house bickering.  I don't think Joy is funny anymore.  She's annoying. Elizabeth was the only conservative so she is  on the defense constantly. Not everything that happens in the world is political ladies.  Lighten up. Get over yourselves. Seriously.

Now I have some new friends that I would much rather spend a hour with.  The ladies of "The Talk".  Julie Chen, Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Remini, Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert.  I'm as political as the next person, so if I want to hear that, I'll go to the news networks.  I want to hear them dish the dirt.  Especially Sharon.  Love her.  So recently, they have shared their opinions of a variety of questions that I'll ask you.  These are major issues/world changing even,  that should be discussed.

1.  Do you like being called "ma'am,"?  How about "honey, sweetie, darling" by people you don't know?

    Ok, now that I'm older than dirt, and live in the south and around a bunch of Marines, I have been "ma'amed" all over the place.   I'm fine with it.  It is a show of respect. The military and southern manners says you "ma'am" and "sir" everyone.  I remember being in my early 20's the first time it happened to me and I was shocked and offended.  Now I am a "Ma'am".

     Living in the south, I have been called "sweetie, honey and darling" by waitresses, cashiers and a librarian.  I don't think that is appropriate anywhere by any age.  I don't appreciate it at all, but I don't say anything to them.  I feel it's not meant as an insult, although, I don't think it is at all respectful of them or appropriate in a business situation.  I can't remember it ever happening in the north.

2.  Do you take your shoes off in the house?

     We do.  I didn't want little feet bringing in dirt on my clean floors so I've always had everyone take their shoes off.  I don't ask company to remove theirs.  I just hope they would.  I do take off mine when I go to someone else's home however. 

      Growing up, we didn't.  I don't think it occurred to my mother.

3.  Is it OK for children to ever be naked in public?

     I say "No", only because of the world we live in.  My girls always wore the cute little bathing suits, even in our own backyard.  I think the little bodies are adorable but the world is not as innocent as it used to be.

4.  What TV program would you bring back?   Not in reruns, but updated with the same feel.

     I have 2 favorites.  the first is "Dallas".   Loved the JR, Bobby, Cliff feuds and the clothes of Sue Ellen and Pammy...  Can we please bring back the bling of that wardrobe?  

      The second has to be "The Cosby Show".    The writers on that show were phenomenal.  My daughters and I still quote it.   Mama Clare always got in the last word.

       OK, I lied.  There are 3.   "Designing Women" when Suzanne Sugarbaker (Delta Burke) was there.      Gotta love those ladies.

What do you say? 


Sweet Tea said...

"Old habits die hard", so I still "hang" with my gal pals on The View. I actually like them all, but ocassionally Barbara W and Elizabeth get on my last nerve. LOL I do really miss Meredith V, she was always my favorite...I'm ok with Ma'am, honey, sugar, whatever, as long as it's said nicely, it's the sarcasm that I would object too, course I'm a southern girl so I'm used to all the pet names you mentioned...No to naked children, for the reasons you stated...I liked the sitcom "Reba" and I also liked "Designing Women" - weren't they great?!

Good questions!
I enjoyed this.

Chatty Crone said...

I never really liked the view - and to tell you the truth I didn't know there was a new one.

The View - all they do is argue - if I want to hear arguing I just tune in here! lol

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have never watched The View ..I like Elizabeth..the rest of those chicks I didn't like...too much argueing especially when Star was on there..I do not like her at all.

We always take our shoes off everywhere we go.

I lived in the south a bit while my husband was in the service. Mam..and Sir..why not, I think it is polite. I use them all Honey, Sweetie, Darlin..but I am old and can get away with it:)

Kids should wear clothing in public..except at home..running through a sprinkler when it is hot out!

I would bring back Stoney Burke ( Jack Lord ) was a cowboy. And maybe Flipper or Fury or Sky King!
Great questions..I enjoyed your answers:)

Gran said...

I don't watch The View--too much bickering. I will giver the other program a try sometime, because I love Sharon O.--she says what she means, and she puts up with Ozzie! I don't mind being called ma'am, but I'm nobody's "honey." Ha! Good questions!

(Florida) Girl said...

I grew up in an Asian household where shoe did not come inside the house. (at all)

Even though I have since brought my shoe rack inside my closet, it still irks me a bit when guests don't think to take their shoes off, though I understand.

mary said...

People that don't live or visit the South have no idea how pervasive and important "ma'am" and "sir" are in the South. I moved to NC while in my teens. While I was brought up to always be respectful of others, especially my elders, I did not use those terms. I must have raised quite a few eyebrows by not doing it, but I wasn't aware of it at the time. When I take my kids back to the South I DO see the raised eyebrows. It is definitely a regional habit. I really like it though. Where I live in California most kids (EXCEPT my own!) refer to their elders by their first names! Now that offends me.

Deanna said...

I've never gotten into daytime TV but....

I'm ok with Maam now that I've earned the title. I've been known to retort to anyone calling me "sweetie" or such, "I am not your sweetie". So no to that.

I go without shoes but don't really care what anyone else does one way or the other. The grands almost always kick their shoes off at the front door (thank goodness).

No to the no clothes and partly for the reason you implied. It just makes no sense.

Remakes just never seem as good as the originals. I believe they are bringing Dallas back, though... so we'll see! Designing Women! One of the best every. Nobody could ever recreate that one as good. Just isn't possible!

You do come up with some good ones. Hope you are having a great day!

Kathy said...

I can't stomach The View anymore either--for the same reasons! I don't know why Elizabeth hangs in there!

I've watched The Talk several times, and I love Sharon. I'm not sure I'd watch it if she wasn't on there though.

I feel old and feeble whenever someone calls me honey, sweetie, or names like that. Ma'am doesn't bother me.

We take our shoes off at the door, our parents didn't do that at their houses. My daughter's family takes their shoes off at their house, too.

Naked children in the yard don't bother me--we don't have any neighbors, but our granddaughter is very shy about showing her body--and I hope she stays that way!

Intense Guy said...

I think I would take offense at being called "Ma'am" or "Honey". God knows I'm no "sweetie" either. :)

Just me in my house - so I take off my shoes when I'm "done for the day" - but not when I'm planning on going out again.

I've never watched daytime TV, the soaps or the "yak shows"... but I could enjoy watching Leah Remini... :)

I saw a naked child just this past week - I actually gasped in shock its been so long since I've seen one. Not that it bothers me - it was just unusual.

I want Star Trek (both the original and Next Generation) put back on but only if the actors haven't aged since the program was on! I agree, The Cosby Show was a good one...

What I don't want to see is Three's Company (and the reruns are on again in my area!)

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