Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Thoughts

I have a little notebook I jot down ideas in for blogging.  Goodness knows I can't remember them the next minute if I don't write them down.  So here is another bunch of unconnected thoughts.

1.  Does anyone else remember hanging clothes on the line to dry or taking them out of the dryer only to grab the water bottle (ours was a Pepsi bottle with the "Sprinkler" top pushed down into it.) and sprinkle those same clothes, roll them up and put them in a pillow case to dampen them in order to then iron them, all spiffy?  They had to sit a while to evenly distribute that dampness.  I seem to remember a friend's mother that put them in the refrigerator to rest.  It must have been summer and she didn't want them to sour.

2.  I have seen the TV program "What Would You Do" commercials,  but I've not watched it.  I know what I would do.  Being in retail, I have seen women yank and scream at their children to stop crying because the mother has been in the dang store, trying on clothes until 9pm or later during the holidays,  and the poor child is tired and bored.    I've wanted to go smack the woman and see how she liked it but I had to swallow my anger and do nothing.   So unless a child looks in danger from a parent, sad to say, I do nothing.  If a man is physically threatening a female, then I would step in.  I haven't, but I know myself.  Bigotry and racism I can't tolerate.  I would have to do something. My daughters call it "Going all Mom on them."   Most other things, I wouldn't interfere.   I did see the host, John Quiñones on a morning program.  He said far more women get involved than men.   I'm proud of us.     So, what would you do or what have you done?

3.  The worst job in the house is cleaning behind the toilet.  Face meet toilet bowl.  My sister told me to pour bleach in it and close the lid.  Doesn't matter.  Worse job to me.  What household chore do you dislike the most?

4.  My Entertainment Weekly had a list of the 10 movies that made us cry.  Some were old, some were new and some that made me cry didn't make the list.   My favorites are Ghost, P.S. I Love You, and Benjamin Button.     What's your favorite?

5.  Does anyone else (during the late 1950s or early 60s pack small boxes to send to Africa?  I remember doing that.  We brought in small toothpastes and soaps and pencils and etc, etc. to send to the poor children in Africa.  It seems there has always been a need there.

6.  Those Febreeze Commercials that "supposedly" take place in a squalor of an apartment or a slum basement or kitchen,  do not entise me to buy their product.  Icky

Just clearing out the cobwebs today.  Do you have any random thoughts to get off your chest?


Intense Guy said...

I remember my grandmother "sprinkling clothes" with water before/while ironing. I've not seen anyone iron anything since then ... so this was around 1980-ish.

I think most people need to mind their own business most of the time - that said - someone actually doing bodily harm to someone might get me doing something - I don't know... never seen it happen.

I remember getting "teary-eyed" during Kramer versus Kramer... I enjoyed Ghost (and young Demi Moore specifically) but it didn't make me cry. Schindler's List made me upset - the brutally of some people on other people is sickening.

I don't recall sending boxes of things to Africa - I remember Unicef at Halloween and skinny baby pictures.

Daughter #3 said...

The worst job in the house is cleaning. I'll be in charge of the kitchen though. I don't mind that.

We actually just had this talk at work the other day. Beaches, Up Close and Personal and Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father are some of the ones that we had on our list of crying movies. I'm the chick flick watcher, I'll cry during a tv show.

I don't like the febreze commercials. I just think it's gross. I also don't understand the Miracle Whip commercials. Why should I buy your product when you have people telling me how much they hate it? I don't get that.

Those are my random thoughts at 11pm.

Anonymous said...

I ironed clothes from bags that were either from the freezer on hot summer days or the fridge..I think most commercials insult the viewer, the febreeze commercials are just the pits..I would call 911 if a man hit a woman, child,older person and ask the fellow you think your something well your going to jail brother, I have volunteered for battered women for many years, it starts with a shove, verbal assault and esculates..In some retail stores the employees will call 911 when they see a physical confrontation or as is said a beating and try to help the person getting beat, straight, gay, old young, etc..It is shameful in this great country that domestic abuse is almost okay in some areas, shameful..No one has the right to physically abuse another not at all, I would intervene, if the person had a weapon I would consider everything and still call 911, a life is a precious life amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes I used to sprinkle clothing, roll them up and put them in a bag to iron later..and if later didn't work out I would pop them in the freezer. I used to iron just about everything..not so much anymore..well almost never.
Most movies that have everyone else bawling do not make me Lassie Come Home, Where the Red Fern Grows..they make me cry like a baby. I know I am weird sometimes and that is OK with me)

Toilets..I hate to clean them.

Febeeze and Perfume..I find them both highly offensive. When people don't bathe either themselves or their animals..and the couch or carpet needs smelly stuff..or if some dumb broad takes a bath in perfume because she didn't bathe and still wants to smell good..and men and their after shave..yuck. At least the smokers have to stay outside..and if you ask me the perfume wearers should keep them company:)
Random thought: I am old and cranky:)

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