Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do You Remember?

I watched the Biography channel today with their bio on Twiggy.

I remember her from the 1960's.  I thought she was utterly "fab".  That reminded me of other '60's type stuff.

Like Yardley Cosmetics.  ( Anything remotely Bristish was so much better than the U.S. stuff, or so we thought.)  Yardley reminded me of Jean Shrimpton.  I loved her.  I think she and Twiggy were the first of the model celebrities.

The 1960's cosmetics were all about the eyes with little or no lip color.  I had a girlfriend that used the concealer in a tube for lipstick to wipe out her lips entirely.

I tried false eyelashes. I shouldn't have.  Mine kept popping up on one corner or the other.  I never did get the hang of it.

This stuff I used by the gallon.  Then we learned later, from a dermatologist, that is is horrible for your skin.  Every night I washed my makeup off with Noxema and piled on Clearasil to that one pimple that was sure to ruin my life, the next morning.

My foundation makeup was Cover Girl.  For some reason this stuff was not kind to me.  By the end of the day it turned orange on my skin and looked ridiculous. I was not Cheryl Tiegs.  That was not a good look for me.   I think I switched to Avon then, when I was ordering my Sweet Honesty or Soft Musk, to go along with my all time favorite Ambush by Dana.

The other trend I followed was the white/silver pearl nail polish.  I know I wore this all 4 years of high school.

Does anyone else have any style memories from their teen years?  


Kathy said...

Great memories, Kathy! I remember Twiggy, but not the other model.

I didn't use a lot of makeup, but when I did, it was Cover Girl. I always preferred light nail polish over dark.

How about stockings and garter belts? I wore those in pre-pantyhose days. What a hoot that was!

I loved my boots, too. First the white "go go" boots, followed by "granny boots". Such fun memories...

Vicky said...

Platform flip flops LOL and good old body shirts (annoying when you needed to go to the toilet but awesome for discoing the night away) LOL

Sweet Tea said...

I faithfully used Noxema too.
For foundation I used Panstick. - cause at that time in my life I thought "more was better". Do you remember wearing ribbons in your hair? Not bows, but ribbon tied beneath my long hair and tied in a small bow on top with streamers hanging down. LOL. That, my leather dress, and my GoGo boots and I was good-to-go go!

Mary said...

Blue mascara...nuff said.

Laura said...

I won a Twiggy doll when I was about eight! I had a coupon of some kind and had to compare something on it to the display at the store. They matched and I won a Barbie sized doll that was Twiggy. She was dressed in a minidress and go-go boots. That was the first thing I ever won and I was thrilled! Plus, my mother did not like Barbie dolls so we didn't have any.
Boy, I should have held onto her!

Far Side of Fifty said...

White boots, blue mascara and a Twiggy hair cut..and shorter than short skirts (long by todays standards).
I had forgotten the frosted nail polish..and I had lipstick to match.
I had a paisley dress..oh it was cute...I think I had black boots to wear with it:)

Cover girl makeup..but I had oily my makeup was never perfect. And you are lucky with only one pimples had lots of friends..I would clean my face with rubbing alcohol..uffda. Not great memories..but I enjoyed your blast from the past. Be there or be square:)

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