Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Fads Come and Go

Every once in a while I have a fleeting memory of a long gone item.  I have to write them down 'cause goodness knows, I will not remember them an hour from then. Basically, I think both of these things just prove I am older than dirt.  At any rate, this is the list this week. 

1.  Pointy bras and binding girdles:

  Look at that bra.  You could put an eye with those things.  I wore those girdles all through middle and high school too.  Then, thank goodness for pantyhose.

2.  Melmac

I still have that green bowl in the lower left of thepicture, but it is a forest green and I remember these mugs for years, at my parents house,  after I moved out.

I don't remember my mother wearing an apron.  I do remember my grandmother wearing them all the time.  I'm sure she made hers too.  They make sense.  I have ruined many shirts because I spray a bleach  cleaner on my counter tops when I wipe them down. 

4.  These clips!

These things were made by the devil himself.  I have been bitten in the most inconvenient circumstances when you cannot reach around an fix the dang thing.   It looks so innocent, but it wasn't.  It was evil!

5.  Ovaltine

Evidently this is still being made.  I didn't know that, but I did see some new packaging when I was looking for this one.  My father would go on a "no coffee" kick and switch to this. Both of my parents dran instant coffee so this had to better than that .

6.   These pots made the best coffee.   

I'm sure my daughters will have their own list of oldies, if they don't already.


Mary said...

Thankfully, I missed the pointy boob fad by about a summer or so. Yikes!
I think everyone had those burlap/plastic wear. When I saw that picture I got a huge rush of nostalgia.
Aprons are deffinately a must have, no doubt.
I will never forget the day my Mom's percolator stopped working, I am pretty sure the world skipped a beat, it was tragic. I think at the time I decided never to drink coffee, it was just too much grief to go through, I thought.
I have since changed my ways though...

Sweet Tea said...

Those bras look like something from Star Trek don't they? LOL Wonder why anyone ever thought that was a good idea??!!

Remember garter straps - I think that was what they were called. They were used to hold hose up, before we wore panty hose. Sooooo glad we no longer wear hose or garter straps. I barely remember wearing them, but I did when I was around 13. Ugh!!

Intense Guy said...

I umm.. could be persuaded to see the pointy bra and girdle thing modeled...

...but by no means would I wish them on any woman with self-respect.


More Ovaltine Please... I prefered Nestle's Quic (spelling?) but Ovaltine was okay if "I hadda".

mary said...

Very Fun! My folks had the mugs, only they had coffee stained cracks all over the inside. And the clips....oh my!

Chatty Crone said...

Think Madonna!

Kathy said...

Oh, Kathy! These were some good ones!
My mama loved her melmac dishes! Grandma loved her aprons. I never remember trying Ovaltine, though. Probably because my parents loved coffee--I don't.

Beth said...

I hated those dang girdles :) We had a percolator, and I agree the coffee was the best! My mom didn't wear an apron, but my Grandma Burkie wore aprons she made. I was never a great fan of Ovaltine, for some reason! Great post!

Corker2 said...

Just happen to come across your Blog and paid a nice visit.

I do remember all of your Images showing some of the past products that have led to what we have today. Since, I am a Male, I don't know much about those pointed bra's, but do remember the girls in school wearing them. Even though us boy's in school hardly ever saw those "clips" you girls had to wear, they must have been a real bother to wear.

I also remember well the Drive-In Movies, 10 cent cokes, ice cream for 10 cents, movies for 50 cents, and much, much more. We also lived threw the greatest years of Rock & Roll that made music what it is today. I'll take the good ole' Rock & Roll from those years more than some of the "crap" that they have today.


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