Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big Night Tonight

Tonight is Academy Award Night.  After all the years of watching it, I never am never bored with the parade of gowns and the glint of jewels.  For the average woman, after Prom, how often  do you get to wear a ball gown?  The Awards used to be "the" change to walk the red carpet and pull out the glam one more time.  Today, there is a award show every month.  There's very little build up anymore.  But, I am a loyal fan.  I will be on the couch, in my jammies, with my iced tea scoping out the hits and misses.  OK, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, I'll check out a couple tuxes too. Just on the side here, don't you think Brad looked better when he was with Jennifer?  Remember the shaggy Scooby Doo beard?

There are few actresses today that can display the glamour of Old Hollywood.  Catherine Zeta Jones is one of them.  That woman is ravishingly beautiful. 

The other part of it is that we don't know every iota of trivial information about her.  Good.  I don't want to.   That's why I can't add Angelina Joli to that list.  In the "Brad Years", she has become more dignified and dresses  better.  It's not that I am a Team Jennifer person, which I was, because look at Elizabeth Taylor, that husband stealing hussy, and  'm still a fan of hers.   No, with Angie (that's what George calls her so I will too.) it was that bit about kissing her brother like a drunken sailor and that other thing of wearing a vial of blood around her neck when she was married to Billy Bob or maybe it was the other husband.  I didn't need to know that and the kiss, well, some things you can't unsee.  I know "OLD" Hollywood is gone.  This is NEW Hollywood.  But just for tonight, I want to see oodles of glitz and miles of glamour.  

A lot is said about Ann Hathaway having old Hollywood glamour.   I don't see it.  I could be wrong.  I think she is usually dressed appropriately.  No fake flower hands grabbing her boobs.  No side cleavage. I'll have my eye on her tonight.  Having said that, I don't get the hosts this year.  Ann and James Franco.  Really?   We'll see.  Billy Crystal is a hard act to follow and to me, the only person who has come close is Hugh Jackman.

I've seen most of the movies.  I've got my ballot marked.  My biggest problem is that Amazing Race is on at the same time.  I don't have a DVR so I will be flipping for a while.  My team needs my support too.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm not much into watching the awards shows but the fashions are pretty interesting watch. Can you imagine how expensive some of those gowns are?

Far Side of Fifty said...

I watched Amazing Race! I caught the recap of the fashions the next day..not exactly things you would wear in Minnesota in the winter:)

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