Monday, February 14, 2011

I Miss My Stilletos

Happy Valentine's Day you lovely thing.   My boomer feet will no longer tolerate walking on tippy toe for hours, or even minutes now.  These are officially "sit down" shoes and we all know what that means.  A walk from the car to the event may be too far.  I may need to get dropped at the door. 

From the time I started working professionally, (I don't think scooping ice cream cones required dress attire) I wore heels.  About 3/4 of my jobs were sit down jobs and the remaining 1/4 was retail management.  During that period my corns developed corns but one must suffer to be beautiful.  I think a friend's mother shared those words of wisdom.  Suffer I have for my heels.  They're just to darn cute. 

At one point I had work shoes and Vegas shoes with glitter and towering heels. We were going  2-3 times a year back in the early 90s when 1/2 the people were still dressing in suits and cocktail dresses for the shows.
Once I kicked off my shoes under a table at Caesar's Palace and my feet were so swollen, I couldn't get them back on.  Was it worth it?  Oh, you bet.  I learned to keep those babies on so I could toddle out feeling no less pain than the bound feet of the geisha's.

Winter didn't mean snow boots.  Heck no.  Winter meant these boots. The idea was to stab the snow and ice to keep from falling and, no, I never did.
I have no need for all that glam anymore and I am sure I would not last 5 minutes in them.  I am resigned to the dreaded sensible shoe.  The flat cushioned sole.  The comfort shoe.  Oprah doesn't care what I'm wearing when we share my living room at 4:00.  She has on her "sit down shoes" too.

Who am I fooling.  I just might buy a pair to bring out of hiding after Terry's gone to work and just put them on to admire and drink my coffee.


Anonymous said...

My hat is off too you for hanging in there with the heels! I had such a hard time walking in the darn things, I gave them up years and years ago! LOL These days I own about a dozen pairs of Crocs that I wear for every occasion, with the exception of church--I have flat, cushioned, "sensible" shoes for that--for now. LOL

Kathy said...

I have never even tried on Crocs Kathy. They must feel wonderful because they are all over the place. My summer, everyday shoe used to be harraches, in beige. (My sister always wore the white ones.) Now I can't find them anywhere. I'm on the search for a new shoe.

Anonymous said...

In response to your comment about coming home 12 hours after birth--"Wow!", but good for you! Home is definately more relaxing than the hospital! and yes, Marie Calendar's pot pies are delicious :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Kathy! Nice to meet you..thanks for the comments on my blog! Another boomer that thinks very much like me..I think we could be friends!
I used to do heels I do croc's sometimes even crocs with warm socks.
I love your big hair..very classy..and those white or cream colored nylons were very much a fashion statement! :)

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