Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Would She Think Today?

Meet Evelena Dixie Giles Taylor.  She was my mother's Grandmother, Mimi.  She was born in Waverly, Tn. in 1869.   I barely remember her.  She was very elderly and blind from cateracts when I was a small child, about 6 or 7.   I remember Mimi sitting in a rocking chair.  I also remember she loved fried chicken and could strip a neck bone in minutes. Her choice folks.  I think that "eat the whole bird" thing came from being through the depression and from living in a time of growing and raising your own food.  Those were hard times.  She lived with my Mother's family, in Kennett, Missouri,  as long as my mother could remember.  They shared a bedroom from the time my mother was a young girl until she left home as a married lady of 18.   Can you imagine sharing a room with your grandmother?  I can't.

 Evelena was 92 when she passed away.  Only recently my sister found these pictures of her.  My mother passed away about 4 years ago.  She was an avid genealogist but for all of her hunting she failed to share the pictures closest to us.  I think her quest led her to her own past and she didn't give much thought to the people she knew, that maybe we didn't.

This is Mimi with her children.  My Grandfather is the little guy in front.  He was born in 1900 so she was 31 when he arrived.  This would make her about 37-38 here. 

This is more how I remember her. Always in a long sleeved cotton dresses, even in the heat of those hot Missouri summers.

I wonder what she would be thinking about life today and if she would think the days gone by were "the good ole days"?  I think they were pretty hard.  My Mother-in-law always said "there was nothing good about the old days".  That young woman with the umbrella looks like she doesn't have a worry and the elderly lady at the bottom looks like she has been through a lot.

Today, my sister is called Mimi by her 2 grandchildren.  One of them is Evely.  I think the first Mimi would have liked that.


Anonymous said...

I can remember my grandparents wasted NOTHING! They ate almost everything back in their day. I still remember learning what beef tripe was, after eating it at their house for an entire summer. Haven't touched it since!

Although life was a lot tougher back in those days, I think families were closer and in a lot of ways life was better. A much simpler time...No, I wouldn't have wanted to share a room with my grandmother, especially as a teenager! Grandma wouldn't have liked listening to Steppinwolf's "Born to be Wild"! LOL

Nezzy said...

I sure enjoyed readin' about your sweet Grandma. She sounds like she was an amazin' lady.

I just wanted to let you know I am fine. I have not had a heart attack, surgery or my heart literally removed. Something happened that broke my heart and I can do nothing about it but wait and pray. Not something I do well, I want everything yesterday!!! :o)

God bless and have a marvelous Monday!!! I do appreciate your prayers!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Awww, Mimi was so precious. I love hearing about the people in our lives that have helped plant seeds of love and special memories.

Thank you so much for all you shared on my blog post today. I needed that encouragement.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved reading about your grandmother...loved your blog..

(Florida) Girl said...

Old pictures are worth a thousand words. Wow.

It is amazing to think how things have changed. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes not.

Far Side of Fifty said...

As you know I love the old photo and this one is a gem. Your Mimi with a parasol and a fan with her hat on the floor..she was beautiful! I often wonder what their hopes and dream were.

I used to like the dark meat from the neck of the grandma would cook them up for soup:)

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