Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a Random Rant

I am a news junkie,  but you don't have to be,  to have heard about our 4 Americans that were hijacked on their sailboat/yacht by Somalian pirates and then murdered.  Just days ago we heard of the hijacking and the ransom demand.  We knew there was little hope of raising millions of dollars when this couple had all of their money tied up in their boat.

I am furious and heart sick that these thugs attack innocent people.  Part of me is angry that these two couples were in this area of the world to begin with.  It's a blame the victim thing, but we know it is so dangerous in those waters.  I don't want to feel that way so now I feel guilty because I do.  I wouldn't go there.  I just wouldn't.   Daughter # 2 and I love all things Egypt.  We have watched  Dr.Zahi  Hawass dig up every and anything. We know more about ancient Pharaohs and Nefertiti's linage than our own.  I have looked into group tours and cruises but I knew, even before this months over throw, that Egypt is an unsettling tourist area.  I won't go there.

I'm not a complete travel wimp.  Terry and I along with both younger daughters were on an airplane and a cruise ship in October, the month after 9/11.  I wasn't going to let the bad guys win by staying home. It distresses me that this has to be a consideration.

Remember the backpackers hiking/mountain climbing in Iraq and accidentally crossed into Iran.  Seriously?  There are no other mountains to climb?    They had to do that in Iraq.  In a country that does not like us.  In a country at war.  Now 3 of the 4 are still being held to be tired as spies.  I want to ask them that too.  What the hell are you doing there? 

I send my prayers to the families of the couples that died trying to live their dream.  It shouldn't have ended this way and it makes me mad. They were grandparents and parents.  Just like me.  It's just wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your rant. It's a sad, but very true fact, that evil is lurking around almost every corner these days. I, for one, have no desire to travel to distant hostile places. There's enough evil here at home to deal with!

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