Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Little Blue Dress That Wouldn't Quit

I know this is a bit corny but maybe, if you're a Mom you will think it is "too cute" as well.

I bought this little Health Tex dress at Sears, as a single Mom, so very proud of her daughter starting Kindergarten in 1980.   5 years later, the "hand me ups" not downs, get passed on to my sister for her daughter.  We did not plan that she would wear that little blue dress for her first day of school, but she did.

By the time I learned my niece wore it, I had remarried and had two more daughters.  Their apparel future was then written.  I knew that dress was destined for greatness.  I know it did not shrink up.... these kindergarten girls were growing taller.

Daughter # 1, niece in the middle, back row is Daughter # 2 and in front of the fence, Daughter #3

After my younger daughter wore it, in 1991,  that dress was retired, to hang in the back of her closet. It hung there until 2009, when my niece's daughter started kindergarten. My sister drove it from Michigan to Nashville the summer before, to make sure she had it.  By then not even tights could cover the fact that it was too mini and it was missing it's belt.   It was with a sad heart ( OK, not her mother's who was not sold on this idea) that the dress missed it's first First Day of School in our family.  * Correction:  My sister just emailed me that her granddaughter, this little cutie, wears a unifrom to school so that's the reason the little blue dress didn't make it to school on her First Day.

It was 29 years old on it's last photo Op.  It's been to every young woman's graduation Open House hanging proudly by the usual display of childhood photos and the punch bowl.   Now it's time to retire.

I did send Health Tex an email about the little blue dress.  They didn't write back.  I guess they don't care about the life of just one little dress from their tons of children's clothing sold during those years.  You would think they would be proud of such an accomplishment.  Every time we saw it march out the door, we were.


edshunnybunny said...

Health Tex! Now there's another blast from the past!!! I dressed all of my children in it when they were growing up, because it stayed looking nice after washing and wearing! We used to have an outlet store about 75 miles away, and I loved shopping there.
How interesting that the dress got used for the first day of school several times! I love that!

edshunnybunny said...

I hopped back over to see the photos and the rest of your story! Loved it!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Twenty-nine years and the dress still looks great. I'm surprised you didn't hear back from the manufacturer-- I doubt they get many testimonials like that.

As cute as the dress is I'm more impressed that you've been able to keep track of the dress and the photos for 29 years! That's awesome.

Cheers, jj

Far Side of Fifty said...

I dressed both my girls in Health Tex dresses and pants outfits..they washed and wore so well..and yes I handed them all down to my nieces too!
What I liked was they didn't stretch all out of shape or shrink..and I never had to iron them either.
Great post..and you have some real cuties there! :)

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