Monday, March 7, 2011

Men, What Can I Say

Because I am a long distance Mom and Nana, I have to be content with stories from my daughters, to lift my day and to keep me informed on the daily events in their lives. 

Daughter #1 called this morning.  Here is the update.

     Last night Brett ( age 9)  had  math homework. " I don't do math" she said  "Story problems give me a headache " so his Dad was helping.  Do you know, in math subtraction, they don't "borrow" anymore.  I don't know what they do, but they do have to show their work on how they got the answer.
      So after much discussion, she hears Brett ask his Dad, "How did you get that answer?"
       Dad .... " My brain just knows it."
       Brett, after a pause, " Yeah, well, that's not gonna work on my teacher."

Second Story:

 The husband was standing out in the snow, by the mailbox talking to a neighbor.  Daughter # 1 runs out, gets the big white envelope with pink hearts on it and runs back inside.  That's a  Victoria's Secret package.  She and I have both been managers of Victoria's so our husbands know those would think.  That night at dinner (Logan's Steakhouse) she asked him..  "How do you like my new pants? This is what was in the envelope."  

He said, "I ordered Carhart pants from Meijer ( a big grocery/clothing store). I thought it was my order." 

"No", she said, " it's mine."

His last comment.  " Are you sure?"   ( She is 5'2" 110, while he is 6'3" 250 )  There is that outside chance she could be totally wrong and be wearing his Carhart pants, dragging the legs behind her.

God Bless them.  They have to walk around and function all day with those brains.  My own dear man asks me some doozies too.  Of, course, right now, I can't think of any.  When I was working, my girlfriends at work, and my LARC friends would share "Stupid Man Stories".     I have asked Terry if men share those kind of things too and he swears they do not.   I think I will keep this title and  can go with it from time to time when I hear a Stupid Man Story.   This is not to say we do not love them dearly, but seriously, do they hear the things coming out of their mouths?

After 29 years of marriage, I am only now realizing I should have written those things down, like you do in a baby book.  Every bride should be given a "Things My Husband Has Said" book for a wedding gift.

There was the website, book and now a TV program on "*&^!! My Father Says".   We wives knew our husbands did that long ago.

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edshunnybunny said...

Fun post! I depend on my daughter to keep me laughing daily with her family tales :)--then I write about them on my second blog!

I love the thought of "stupid man stories".

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