Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking Forward to Shag Time

Not being from the east coast originally, I too, was only familiar with the Austin Powers term of Shaggin.  Then, I spent 3 years in  South Carolina in the early 1990s.  Now living in North Carolina I can say it was love at first sight.  I fell in love with Beach Music and with the Carolina State dance The Shag.  It put a smile on my face.

Wikipedia defines Beach Music:

 " Beach music, also known as Carolina beach music, is a regional genre which developed from various musical styles of the forties, fifties, and sixties. These styles ranged from big band swing instrumentals to the more raucous sounds of blues, jump/jive, doo wop, boogies, rhythm and blues, reggae, rockabilly and old-time rock and roll.  Beach music is closely associated with the style of swing dance known as the shag, or the Carolina Shag, which is also the official state dance of both North Carolina and South Carolina. "

I can tell you, it's a good fit for this Motown lovin' lady
At every festival, that has music, there is a dance area full of Shag dancers.  I love it.   Our own Newport Pig Cookin' Festival starts Friday in the park.  There will be the fragrance of roasted pork all over town, but what I look forward to the most is the live music and Shaggin'.  No, this girl does not Shag.  If it had made it to Michigan, back in the day, or if I had traveled to the coast, I would have most certainly learned to Shag.  I do enjoy watching the dance floor full of dancers of all ages.  It looks like once a Shagger always a Shagger I hope it puts a smile on your face as well.


(Florida) Girl said...

This is fun! And it did make me smile.

This also brought me back to memories of the movie "Shag" from 1989.

West Side of Straight said...

Love it - they make it look so easy!!!!!!!

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