Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well, it's easy to have an opinion on the Penn State atrocity.  If you knew about it and did nothing, you are equally guilty.  Period.   I know if I had personally seen a man raping a little boy in a shower, I would have screamed it from the rooftops, not just telling the coach.  ( If I didn't attack the SOB right that moment!)   I don't care what position you have, what the program is, who the perp ( yep, call it what it is)  is, you know this is wrong. 

Another child is missing in Bellevue, Washington..  A 2 year old little boy that the mother says she left in a parked car while she and another child went to get gas.  The police say the car had plenty of gas to get to a location for help.  No one can remember seeing Sky Metalwela in the last 2 weeks.  More than something fishy going on  here.

Billy Crystal is hosting the Academy Awards again, after Eddy Murphy dropped out.  Yay!!   I watch every year.  Some years I've even seen some of the movies nominated.   I'm looking for the fashion hits and misses.  I've been missing Billy.  No one does it as well as he can.

My random thought is this video that's gone viral.  This poor guy was only trying to surprise her.  I guess he did.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sad state of affairs at Penn State..they should all be thrown in jail. What was Mike M thinking? Is he an idiot?
I cannot fathom such stupidity.
The children..I am so sad for the children.

That was a funny video:)

Rae said...

The Penn State affair is a sad and disgusting situation. I can not fathom keeping quiet either. I hope they are all punished and punished severely.

My Journey With Candida said...

That blonde sure was surprised.... I wonder if she hurt herself when she fell.

Gran said...

I'm with you on the Penn State shower rape--if I had seen it I would have tried to kill the guy while screaming at the top of my lungs, any thoughts about my career would be secondary. I hope this guy goes to prison, where he will get a taste of his own medicine. I can't help it, those poor children, and no one spoke up--the ones who stayed silent are just as guilty.

This latest missing child is too close to home--I have family living in Bellevue. That mother's story is fishier than a can of spoiled sardines, and I'm awfully afraid that child is dead. Law enforcement has been out searching for him with helicopters today, and I've been watching the news all day, expecting the worst.

Thanks for the video-

Gran said...

Okay,kill is kind of an over-the-top response, at the least I would have yelled my head off, and tried to stop this monster.

Anonymous said...

Rape to some regarding women is often overlooked, but children and boys, give me a freaking break? I hope their Karma comes back to bite them in their asses! Women are still made to feel like they perpetrated (sp?)the act..our society certainly does not value women and children at all..All from the guy who did the dastardly deed to the guy who saw it and yes, Coach Joe Paterno need a big aha moment they are starting to get soon..Luv your blog, luved blondie whom you speak Joey she was and is a lady, not many are today with most trying to act Kim K. oyvehhhhh! Happy Turkey day! early!

Kay said...

That's what really bothered me too! Really, really bothered me. How could he watch a child being raped and NOT stopped it? It makes me seethe just to think about it.

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