Thursday, November 17, 2011


Back in the last 1980's Arsenio Hall had a late night talk show that included a monologue on "Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm?"

I have a few of those thing now too.

1.  What the hey is Benneton thinking with their ads featuring world leaders kissing.   For instance:

I may be alone here but I don't think this is at all respectful to any world office, and is absolutely not something I want my President featured in.  I'm not talking about the man, I'm talking about the position of President of the United States, period.  Man or woman.

2.  I watched a Dr. Phil I had DVR'd because he had Prosecutor Ashton on from the Casey Anthony trial.  I had seen a commercial where he asked "How did you get it so wrong?" about picking a jury.   He also had Mark Geragos from the Michael Jackson molestation case and Marcia Clark from the O.J. trial on as well.   The whole point is... Have you seen Macia Clark lately?

If he had not introduced her by name, I wouldn't have known who she was.  Now that I think about I don't look like I did back in 1995 either.  I look older.  She doesn't.  I'll drink that water.

3.  This one is more trivial, but if you are a DWTS fan, and those that are fans know that is "Dancing With the Stars".    I was a fan until this season which slipped about as far as they could go to call these contestants "Stars", so I haven't been watching.   But, I've still been hearing ans seeing my guy Maks, one of the Pros, behaving badly.   He's always been more verbal than the other Pros about the judges scores, but this season his criticism has been over the top, I feel.    I have a feeling his contract may not be renewed for the next season, which is too bad because he is one of the more popular Pros, but Maks, Maks, it's only dancing buddy.  Get over yourself.

4.  This last thing that makes me go hmmmmm is the Chevrolet Dealership where we've taken our car for work.  After  hurricane Irene came through but before we went to Savannah, I went to the dealership, sat for 2 1/2 hours to get a front end alignment and 2 new front tires.  2 Days ago Terry took the car to another service place for 4 new tires and another alignment.  The new tires were extremely worn in the same pattern as the first time.  That car sits in the driveway most of the week.  I don't go far  and rarely do we go far on the weekend.  We did take our trip south, but that's about it.  He doesn't  think the dealership did the alignment.  Now we're out $500.00 more.  I told him I would take it back to the dealership but he said they would just say we hit a hole or something  to cover their butts. 

Has something been making you go hmmmm too?   


Intense Guy said...

I'm with you on the first point 100%.

And your hubby on the 4th point too - I don't think I'd be too willing to take my car back to that dealership ever...

I'm surprise Marsha Clark is still in the news... she ought to be a "has been".

Rae said...

I am in total agreement with your judgement. It has made me scratch my head in wonder too. The one that gets me the most is the facelift stuff. Have you noticed Bruce Jenner with his wife Kris Kardashian in the audience of DWTS? Bruce's facelift did not improve his looks at all. Some people should leave the wrinkles alone, their "before" look is better than their "after" look.

Chatty Crone said...

Well, all four of those things did - especially the first picture! sandie

Sweet Tea said...

Well, I have sooooooo much I could say about all of this, however, I'll edit myself. The kissing photos are wrong on so many levels. . .I've seen Marcia Clark on TV and thought the same thing. Wonder if she thinks she looks good? Have you noticed Judge Judy recently? Her face work looks good, but very noticeable. Kenny Rodgers? Not so much! . . .I've been taken by car work before and it seems there is no recourse other than to "move on".

Kathy said...

What a neat post! You've given me an idea!
I hadn't seen that first photo--disgusting!
I have seen Marcia Clark, and I didn't know who she was at first either! LOL
I'm also with ya' on DWTS. I did watch the disgusting mess this season, even though Ed refused to watch with me! Maks has been rather "over the top", and I made the comment that I'll bet he'll get "crappy" partners after this!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

The photo of the Prez is disgusting, to say the least. I wish they'd quit showing it!
DWTS is one of the few TV shows I watch because I love dancing and music. Maks is a good looking guy, but he knows it and I think he is a camera hog, too. Maybe all that is for the publicity? I think a lot of stuff on that show is staged to get viewers. JMHO.

Kay said...

I'm jumping over here from Rae's blog. What fun your blog is! I'm just roaming around until I have to leave to start my day here in Hawaii.

I REALLY didn't like that world leader ad either. I just saw it on TV last night and was going to blog about it. I still may, some day.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe those are 3 photos of Marcia Clark. They all look so different, and the third one is the best!

I'm going to add your nice blog to my Blogroll. Aloha!

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