Monday, November 28, 2011

Ouch, I'm All Better Again

I managed to do something painful to my lower back just by bending over to get my pitcher of iced tea out of the fridge.  The minute I bent at the waist, I could feel my lower back yell.  I have never had that happen before.  It was very ouchy for about 3 days, this being the 4th, but is about 75% better today.  Thank goodness.  This is no time of year to be restricted anymore than the aches and pains of wrapping gifts on the floor or sitting too long at the computer generally get me.  I think I may have to rethink that floor thing.

 While I was stuck on the couch for those few days, I watched an Investigation Discovery program I had recorded.  It was simply called "GONE" about the disappearance of Aeryn Gillern, a 32 year old American gay man, living and working in Vienna, Austria.  His mother. a former police officer,  got a call from his boyfriend, saying that Aeryn had been missing for 4 days, I believe.   I do not know how to add this link  other than just by coping it here.  There is a Facebook page for him as well.

The lack of information furnished to this mother, the lack of respect to her as a former police officer, and the total uselessness of the American Embassy in a foreign country astounded me.  We believe, as Americans, that embassy is there to come to the rescue.  Not so.  They can't make the local police do anything.... and doing nothing is exactly what the Vienna police do.  This mother has yet to see the official police report after numerous inquiries.   Her loss is heartbreaking.  Aeryn was a wonderful son, a great employee and a good friend to many.  I hope this is not the end of the story.

Please indulge me a  moment to revel in the victory of a Michigan Football win over our nemesis Ohio State, in a rivalry that is simply called "The Game".  My husband is one of four brothers that grew up playing and loving football.  At one point there were 3 brothers playing on his high school team.  All during those years, his college years and afterwards he followed Michigan's Bo Schembechler's Wolverines. There were good years and a great year with Gary Moeller after Bo retired and then came the era of Rich Rodriquiz when Michigan football faltered and life on Saturdays was a little trying in our household.  We now have a new coach, Brady Hoke and a new attitude.  Michigan football now stands at 10 -2.  That 10th win was Saturday against Ohio, who had beat us 7 games in a row.  (8-1 in conference play,  with that one being Michigan State....dang it)   We had texts going across the country and even Twitter was alive with Michigan tweets.  So congrats to Michigan Football and hail to the Victors!
                                                                        Google photo

I found an old photo, in an old metal frame, from the 1950's of my sister and I.  When I took the photo out I discovered this young woman behind it.  She was the picture that came with the frame.

In the bottom right corner is printed Marilyn Monroe - printed in the USA.  At the top corner is The Art Publishing Company and under that is Chicago, Ill.   I could not find anything on it.  So, Allie, this is for your new hot pink room.  She should feel very comfortable there.

Now I need to go see what all of you have been doing.


Intense Guy said...

I hope you feel all better soonest. Back pain is no fun at all.

That picture that came with the picture frame is a nice one. :) Just like the cutey in the banner.

Chatty Crone said...

I have heard you can throw your back out by picking up a Kleenex! I hope you feel better soon.

I had never heard of that case myself.


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sweetie...
I am so sorry to hear about your back issues. It is no fun to be down. (I had the same problem about 3 months ago. No fun at all.) We just aren't built like we used to be, and our little bodies just don't react like the used to anymore.

I will have to check out your link and read about the story of Aeryn. I will also be adding some prayers for answers for his mom. How sad that the embassy has not given more assistance through this whole ordeal.

Yeah Michigan. So happy to hear about their success.

How wonderful is this little photo of Miss Mariyn herself. That might be worth something. Isn't she beautiful in this photo?

Thanks for the wonderful share this evening. I so enjoyed my visit. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Sweet Tea said...

Love your Header photo - what a Cutie Pie!! You and I are probably the same age, GF. Gonna have to stick together!!

Glad your back is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for his mother, who is receiving no help from the embassy there. Dreadful!

Glad your back is improving. Back pain can be debilitating.

Kathy said...

Ouch! Those wrong moves can be painful. I'm glad you're feeling better though.

I hate thinking about "missing people". How awful to have a loved one just disappear and never know what happened to them...

Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

Hope your back continues to improve. I have arthritis in my back, so I know how debilitating back pain can be. :-( Christmas time is not a time to be suffering through back pain. {{hug}}

mary said...

What an adorable girl ! I'm talking about you, not Marilyn. Sorry about your back. That can take a while to heal.

Gran said...

I hope your back is better soon; back pin is no fun. Love the old pictures, reminds me of my youth :) And thanks for adding the link to the blog about Aeryn. It seems that so many people just disappear. Take care.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope your back is all better soon. I have had to move some floor activities to a table too..getting old!
heart wrenching to not know where your child is..I cannot imagine it:(

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