Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Mysteries of Hollywood

I hadn't planned on making another comment of Hollywood, but then this past weekend, along came the Natalie Wood story.  She allegedly (is everything alleged these days?) drowned over Thanksgiving weekend, 30 years ago.  I remember this.  I was 30 then. She was one of the "old Hollywood" set. She made movies with James Dean and Warren Beatty. She was Maria in "West Side Story" and she was "Gypsy".   Hers was not one of those Hollywood deaths that I can say "I remember where I was when...." 

I do remember where I was when I heard Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bedroom.  I was 12 and visiting my grandmother on one of those once a year visits.  Her radio was always on low, kind background noise of farm reports and who was in the hospital kind of small town stations.  August, 1962. Then came the annoucement of Marilyn's body being discovered by her housekeeper.  This made an impression on me.  I was laying on a big feather bed, on the floor,  in grandma's living room. 
(That feather bed was rolled out for us kids on those visits and it was awesome!)
John Kennedy.. sure.  I was 13 and a hall monitor, sitting at a desk, outside the door of a study hall, when the teacher opened the door and asked me to step inside. 

But, no, I don't remember all that with Natalie Wood.  I do remember thinking the whole, went out in the dark, in her nightgown and a coat to tie up a dingy story didn't quite ring true.  We knew, at that time there was an argument between Christopher Walken (He must be a brilliant actor because he creeps me out.)  and Robert Wagner, and that there had been a lot of drinking of adult beverages going on.    hmmmm? 

Even back then a female witness claims to have heard a woman calling for help in the middle of the night.  She, the witness, had tried to call Harbor Patrol (?) , something like that for help, numerous times,  and no one ever answered the phone. 

So, now there is a book and "new evidence".  Really? I don't think the evidence is new.  I think it was always there and covered up.  These were 3 of Hollywood's brightest stars.  No one was willing to point fingers, especially the boat captain. He admits he didn't witness what happened.  He just failed to tell whole truth about what he had seen.

Hollywood has been covering up and stretching the truth, about their scandals for generations.  From Lana Turner's 14 year old daughter Cheryl Crane stabbing her mom's abusive boyfriend, Johnny Stompanato (He walked into the knife is what Cheryl says), to the Black Dahlia and Marilyn Monroe's questioned suicide, there have been questions about some of these conclusions.  Yes, O.J., I'm talking about you.

I'm the one that watches all these forensic programs.  I do know that sometimes the bad guy does get caught decades later.  I'm hoping that is the case here, but I'm not gonna put any money on it.


Intense Guy said...

This is a "Cold Case" as they say, and the timing of the not-so "new evidence" with a book release by the Captain of the boat makes the jaded cynics among us wonder if it's all to sell the book.

I don't know what happened that night - I remember hearing about the death (whereever I was - it was during my college years) and it made no impact on me at the time.

A cover up? wouldn't surpise me. The rich and famous aren't supposed to get different treatment under the law in this country - but anyone can tell you this just isn't so. Just look at that walking disaster Lindsey Lohan... or the short-circuit that happened at Penn State back in the 1990's.

Our justice system sucks. I suspect that is why all those "fake courtroom" TV shows, like Judge Judy are so popular - people actually want to see some justice... happen within their lifetimes -

Rae said...

I recall when the Natalie thing happened and at the time I thought it sounded mighty suspicious, but I guess if a person has enough money and enough notoriety anything can be covered up. We will see what happens now.

Anonymous said...

I think she was drunk when she drowned, and like most drunks, did things that were uncharacteristic of her -- like going in a boat at night, when she was known to fear the water. I don't think there was foul play here.

Kay said...

It all sounds fishy and smacks of a cover-up. I always liked Robert Wagner, but this makes him look really bad.

Chatty Crone said...

I thought it was weird too - but it was a long time ago! sandie

Far Side of Fifty said...

I always wondered too..I agree with Iggy it seems to be strange that new evidence would surface now..when the Boats Captain has just released a book. I would have a hard time thinking Robert Wagner had anything to do with her death:(

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I just don't understand why it took all these years to come out.

Cold Cases for sure!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Deanna said...

I remember clearly when Natalie Wood died. Marilyn Monroe, too, for that matter. I never ever believe she wasn't killed and I could never look at that handsome devil Robert Wagner again without thinking... did you do it? who are you covering up for? was it a drunken accident? was it on purpose? I don't believe we will ever know - even with this "new evidence". You are right about hollywood covering up for their own. The same can be said for politicians, although in recent years they have been ratted out on a pretty regular basis.

Good post!

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