Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Road Trip Time

We leave tomorrow, Thursday, for Washington D.C.  Terry is at work right now and I am beginning the organizational aspects.  I am a list maker so as I gather things, I check them off.  Camera, got it, extra batteries, yes.  Even doing this, I have forgotten things.  I've left clothes hanging on the door and forgoten my toothbrush.

I cannot tell you how many phone chargers we have left in hotel rooms.  I need to tie a big red bow on it so I won't over look it in the final sweep of the room. I think I need to take that list and check it at the hotel too.

We, like many, have our road trip traditions.  Most of them started when Terry had accepted a promotion in South Carolina, in 1991.  It was Daughter #1's Senior year in high school  so he moved (from Michigan) and we girls stayed so she could graduate with her class of 92.  It was an extremely difficult year.  ( Then 3 years later, he was one of 25 people downsized, in one day, and walked out under armed guards....but, that is another story.)  He tried to come home every couple of months and those that he couldn't, I would take the 2 younger girls out of school and we would be off on a road trip.  They were 7 and 9.  For those that know me, that was huge.  I have no sense of direction. None... Zilch...Nada...Nothing.  Now I have a Garmin, but not then.  I also get migraines, usually brought on by stress, so for me to drive from Michigan to South Carolina with 2 little girls was a difficult thing.  But, it was worse not to be together, so off we went.  A lot of the time Middle Daughter, my navigator,  would sit up front in that packed minivan, with the road atlas on her little lap, telling me which town was next.  Daughter # 3 was buckled in the far back, with her Barbies, in her own world. 

So, for road trips we have certain in the car snacks.  Twizzlers and pretzel rods.  I have to have a fountain Diet Coke from the gas station.  A bottle or can of Coke won't do.  No, it has to be a fountain drink. They just taste better. Then a couple of hours down the road, we have to stop so I can go to the bathroom..... and get a new fountain Diet Coke.  Etc., etc., etc.  Those 2 hour stops were to allow little girls with little bladders potty stops.  (Unlike my cousin, a man, who carried a potty in his car so his daughters had to use that. We still raze him about "his rules" being so ridged that no one wanted to ride with him.)  Now, those 2 hour stops are good for my old bladder.   Giving up my drink is not even an option.  

We also need road music.  Even with satellite radio I have to bring some favorite CDs to listen to:  John Denver,  The Eagles, Bob Segar, Rod Stewart, Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, Hank Jr.,  and Willie.
(Of course, all of this "stuff" is at my feet.  Being the Mom I have never traveled with foot room.)
Willie has the perfect road song.  You can bet it will be playing when we pull out of the drive this time too.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Don't all Moms have "road music..?" When the male child and i traveled....Florida was the local radio stations or heavy metal....GA was jeff foxworthy....SC was the Eagels and NC was blue grass gospel.....he never really cared for the NC music ...but...hey!! the longest state was heavy metal....buck-up kid!!!


Gran said...

I like your road music. Have a great time!

(Florida) Girl said...

I love a good road trip. Planning the music and snacks is part of the fun.

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