Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

I don't care that my weatherman has said we only got to 94.  I can't wait for June.  Yes, I can. 

I feel the Caribean heat!  This usually makes me get up and dance, but I think not this time.


Sweet Tea said...

It was 94 here today also.
Gurl, I'm dancin' - come join me!

Intense Guy said...

It was just as hot here - and so humid the haze was like fog. It's supposed to cool off tomorrow.. I hope so! I want three more weeks of Spring before Summer arrives!

Thanks for clarifying the Presidents in Hollywood cemetery for me - I misread what you wrote. The cemetery must be huge - Find-a-grave lists over 20,000 interments!

(Florida) Girl said...

I am so miserable during the Winter that I adore the heat. So grateful for the sunshine. *dancing*

Kathy said...

Sweet tea and Florida Girl:
I think I'll have to dance too. I do not like cold weather!

Iggy - The office at the Hollywood Cemetary will give you a map with notable graves marked. That makes it very easy. It's so interesting.

Gran said...

It's 76 degrees here in Seattle.Doing a little dance to your music!

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