Thursday, May 19, 2011

These Haunt Me

We have been in North Carolina for about 2 1/2 years now.  I have always loved the history of the colonies and particularly the southern ones.  In our travels I have seen so many interesting buildings and homes that have been deserted.  I want to know their story.  Who lived their loves there?  Where did they go?  What happened?

This is a big house that must have been a beauty in it's day.  There must a been a big family living in it. 

I'm thinking this was a school, but it is a pretty fancy one.  It was a little down the street from the house.

While the houses peek my interest, these haunt me.  Where are their families?  What was their story?

These and many other graves set at the side of the road.  They must have been part of a family farm at one time but now they are abandoned.  I have seen so many just as desolate. 

The historian in me lets my imagination run wild.

They are such a mystery that they pull at my heart strings. 


Anonymous said...

I love old houses, and often find myself wondering about old, abandoned ones, too. It makes me sad to see them, rotting away.

One by one, I've been watching the older houses around our litte town get torn sad to me.

Ann in the UP said...

I covet that old farmhouse in the hayfield. I'm a sucker for old headstones and old cemetaries, too. I'm always sad at the number of babies and little children that families used to lose in earlier times.

Gran said...

These are haunting photos, but very beautiful.

Intense Guy said...

The "school" building looks like a train station to me.

I like the sayings on some old gravestones. Hubart Taylor's "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven" is haunting.

He just made it into the 1910 US Census - his name is mispelled Hughbert. I wonder what impact he had on Mitchells, Bertie County, North Carolina besides delighting and breaking his parent's hearts.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well join the rest of us that are curious. I love what Iggy ( Intense Guy) said..Oh I think you may have the same "sickness" as he and I have..curiosity. Every gravestone and old deserted building has a story..often times when we are driving we wonder too. Great post! :)

Kathy said...

Ann - Did you see how far back that house goes? It's big.

Iggy- Train station is a good guess. I hadn't thought of that. The middle pic. stone is for a child too. So sad.

Connie- The past is a puzzle isn't it? Like with your old photos, I want all the answers right now.

Sweet Tea said...

I feel exactly as you described when looking at these old houses and the lonely graves. I always wonder who lived there? I wonder what the home was like when it was "alive". It hurts my heart to think they have been forgotten.
Beautiful photos.

So glad you stopped by my Blog.
I love making new friends, especially other "Boomer" friends. *smile

Intense Guy said... has some details about Stark Ruffin Mizell, the young one who's gravestone appears in the 2nd to last photo.

The cemetery is named "Old Stark Cowan Family Cemetery" - saying it lies diagonally across (the)
highway from Piney Woods Chapel Colored School Building.

Stark Ruffin Mizell
June 1, 1913 - Feb 14, 1917
(son of George D. and Mary Elizabeth Cowan Mizell)
(grandson of Starkey S. Cowand)

The fancy house may be the Cowand family house.

Odd thing - Stark Mizell and Hubert Taylor were both grandson of Starkey S. Cowand. tells us about Starkley - and his wife Vantilla Ruffin.

It mentions a railroad station at Cremo - which was on the Wellington and Powellsville Railroad. This might be the be that RR/School builing in your photo.

Kathy said...

Wow Iggy! I just love the information. The houses and the brick building were not in the same location as the graves, but I like your story better.

TechnoBabe said...

Interesting to know you are pulled to the stories of who lived there and what their story is. You say "I want to know their story. Who lived their loves there?" I don't know if you meant loves or lives, but it is a wonderful way to say it using the word loves. I too like to find old buildings and there are plenty around here.

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