Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

Once again these are the things that happen that make me go "hmmmmm?"

1.  On Memorial day Terry switched the TV over to catch the end of the Indy car race.  I was anxious to see  to see how the drivers that I knew,  were doing.  I always check the girl power Danica Patrick.  I then have to see where "Dancing With the Stars "winner  and three time Indy 500 winner, Helio Castroneves  is running.  Then there is last year's winner and Ashley Judd's husband, Dario Franchitti.  All of that went out the window when I saw this:

Then in searching Google ( Thank you Google) for a photo of this, I found this:

Dollar General also has a Nascar sponsorship.  How many off brand batteries do they need to sell to make the $$ these sponsorships cost?  I'm not against it.  I just had not thought of them being in the Tide or Penzoil caliber. 

2.  Another random thought is the "Hooters restaurant in my neighboring town closed. Businesses come and go in this economy but keep in mind, that "Hooters" is about 14 miles from a Marine base that is home to approximately 7,500 active Marines.  If they can't make a go of a "Hooters" here, there is no hope for the rest of them.

3.  I mailed 3 paperback books to my sister last week.  They were wrapped in paper and taped with packing tape,  like the Hope Diamond was in there. (It was sent to the Smithsonian via  Postal mail on Nov. 8, 1958.)  It was also stamped "Media".  

I get my books by hunting garage sales and flea markets and then take them to the resale book store to trade for the ones I really want.  So, I have very little money involved in them.  I then read and pass along the good ones to my sister or my daughters. 

Yesterday my sister called me and said, " I just got something in the mail you sent me."  "Yes you did.", I was happy to confirm.  But then she explained all she got was the wrapper stuck in a plastic bag with a note from the post office saying it arrived in her town like this and that sometimes things happen.  No......"things" don't just happen.  I've gotten a magazine with the cover torn. Ok. , I've also gotten mail wrinkled like it went through the conveyor belt. That packing tape is strong stuff.

 So, someone got some good summer reading.  Now I am on the hunt for those books again. Wish me luck.

Have you run into anything that has made you go "Hmmmmm?"


Intense Guy said...

I never thought of "how many off-brand batteries" one had to sell to sponsor a car.

A Nascar car cost about 15 million dollars a season/year to the primary sponsor.

NASCAR Cup's deal with Sprint Nextel is estimated to be worth $700 million over ten years, or approximately $70 million per season.

Serious money and a LOTTA batteries!!!

Sounds like someone in the USPS added some books to their library.
:( That's the pits.

They go out of their way to deliver the "junk mail" though...I wish there was a way to "shut" that stuff off.

I guess they are letting the "Gays" in the military already/finally (just a bad taste kidding) if Hooter's is closed. The one by me actually has pretty good (not great though) food.

I was looking at a cemetery angel I took a picture of - and thought of you. :)

Sweet Tea said...

The mail "incident" sounds very suspicious. A couple years ago I mailed 2 separate birthday cards (which had cash in them) to the same address (twins) and neither card ever arrived. I know I shouldn't have sent cash, but it is strange that BOTH disappeared, doncha think? Really, I'm surprised that more things don't disappear in the mailing process. . .Hooter's is no more - must be lots of depressed military guys. LOL

Gran said...

Sorry about the books you mailed to your sister--geesh! And I'm jealous that you get your books so cheaply. I'm usually too lazy, so if there's a book I want I will just order it from amazon (although I focus mostly on used books).

Kathy said...

I guess Dollar General must be doing pretty good,huh? I know ours stays busy--and out of just about everything!

Hooters closing--near a military base??? Wow, the economy must be a lot worse than we think!!!

About that package...I've got a few postal horror stories of my own! Our former mailman was a "drug addict"...need I say more?

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