Friday, June 17, 2011

The ABCs and 123s of a Boomer

In writing one blog I started thinking about all of these letters and numbers of my youth.
So little said so much.  It's the abbreviated jargon of a generation.

2 and a  1/4  ( 225)   and 425                                         JFK,   RFK,   LBJ,  DMZ,  4F, 1A,  MLK,

GTO     409      WWII                                                   ELO,   REO,   FHA,   FFA,  FTA, and FNA

10-4     and    45s and 33 & 1/3s                                    CCR,   ELP    and now   9/11

Remind me if I've forgotten any.  I'm sure I have.


Gran said...

Baby boomers (e.g., you, Kathy) have the BEST taste in music! Great tune!

Sweet Tea said...

That was pure FUN reading those. I had to think about a few of them. We had our own lingo before all the "LOL & BFF", didn't we?!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I was stumped on two of them ELO and about SWAK?? My grandgirls had never heard that one.
Not to change the subject..but those Housewives from Atlanta have FUB..I could not believe times have changed:)

Intense Guy said...

With Ten-four there was one-nine (the channel my mom and dad used) - my dad got a CB radio because my mom never knew exactly when he might be getting home - the time varied from around 5 to 6:30 pm and she wanted to have a hot dinner ready for him when he got in the door. The CB let my dad tell her (before the cellphone era) when he was 10-15 or so minutes away so the final meal prep could be put underway.

All the other numbers I remember see to route numbers like "66" "309" or TV show ones, "Agent 99" and one-adam-twelve, and songs... like "9 to 5".

Corker2 said...

I remember most of those, but not sure on a few.

Ah yes. The Big Time Pontiac GTO. They are one of the great classic "muscle cars" of the 60's. It's big 383CID engine that pushed more than 340 HP could really "light up the hides". A good friend of mine had one of these. I had a 68 Dodge Charger with a 440 CID engine. We used to Drag race just for the fun of it. That darn GTO would beat me by half a car's length! I went thru 2 sets of rear tires in one Summer. I'm sorry to see those day's gone.

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