Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who the Heck Are They?

Most Saturday mornings Terry and I go to a flea market in  Newport, N.C., that is close to where we live.   For the past 2 to 3 weeks I have seen the same guy with "antique" glass cases full of stuff out of a table in the bright  and hot sun.  I had glanced in the cases and noticed a couple of old photos.  With this being the third week and them being in the sun, I was concerned the bright light and the heat would ruin these pictures. 

Obviously they are not loved or appreciated and I don't know a thing about them.  There are no names or dates  on them.  No way to begin looking for their missing relatives like one of my favorite blogs Forgotten Old Photos.   (She's in my list but I don't know how to add her here. Terry.... help!)

Photo # 1

I believe this is on tin.  It is about this actual size and is black on the back.  No information at all.   I'm kind of surprised her hair is worn down and not in an up do.

Photo # 2

Again, there are no names, nothing written on the back.  Engraved ever so faintly at the bottom of the border is Linebeck and under that is Winston, N.C. 

I did find:     William E. Lineback, wife Grace, owner "The Gift Shop", residence Jarvis
Court Piedmont Ave, West End, Winston, NC.

 Lineback & Edwards Photography 103 1/2 West 4th St Winston,NC.

 This listing was from 1913 Winston-Salem City Directory.  That doesn't tell us anything about this pretty lady and I seriously doubt there's a way to find out anything.  

I guess I should put them in an envelope that says " I have no idea who these people are but they are not relatives" so my daughters are not wondering, down the road,  "Who the heck are they?"  We have enough pictures of relatives we don't know to add these into the mix.


Gran said...

How every interesting. I wonder where the seller got them from?

Sweet Tea said...

We all hope to be remembered after our lifetime. I sure hope someone, somewhere, remembers these sweet young faces. I'd bet they had loves, laughs and life stories and would be pleased you featured them on your Blog.

mary said...

My husband's family is from Winston-Salem at and before that time, but these folks have no resemblance. I wonder who they were.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You saved some good photo..I really enjoyed the is wonderful she has a hat and a parasol. The tintype looks to be from around 1880...way cool:)

Intense Guy said...

It is so frustrating - to have an image of someone(s) and to see their faces and not be able to talk to them - to find out their names and perhaps to hear their stories.

Far Side has a number of those - and I have several myself - just "unknown people" that seem to plead with us when we view them to re-discover them. I sometimes feel that their spirit is diminished when I cannot do so.

Identifying the photographer seems to be a feeble second best effort. In this case, I think the second photograph was taken by Henry A Lineback (b. Mar 1839 in North Carolina) and living with his wife Susan and family in Salem, NC in 1900 were the US Census shows him as "photographer". The 1900 US census lists William Edward Lineback as a "Jeweler".

Kathy said...

Mary - I wish this sweet lady did beling to your family.

Iggy- you are so right. I think those of us, that connect with these photos, are romantics at heart and we want to know what happened to them. It feels like they are lost and we can't return them home.

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