Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1970 What Were You Doing?

Terry and I have just started planning a road trip for this fall.  We will drive down to Charleston and then on to Savannah for a few days.  When we lived in South Carolina we made the Charleston visit a few times and I always loved it.  That was in the early 1990s.  I'm sure I'll still love it.  Terry has been to Savannah once on a business trip but for me, never.  So, when I think Georgia, I don't think peaches, I think Brook Benton.

I love this song.  From 1970 here is Brook Benton.

Gas was 36 cents a gallon but the median household income was about $9,000.  Unemployment was 3.5%,  and The Beatles break up.  The big movies were Love Story  and  Mash.  On this date in 1970,  The Long and Winding Road by the Beatles was number one on the charts.  Vietnam, Nixon, Apollo 13, Woodstock, and Kent State were all a part of 1970.  

No wonder a rainy night in Georgia sounded like such a good thing.

I was living in my parent's home, in Michigan,  working and trying to figure out where and how I fit in all of that.  It took a few more years, in the 70s but I finally did.

Where were you?  What were you doing?


mary said...

I am so jealous of the trip you about to take. I love Charleston and Savannah.

In the 70s I was in North Carolina. I really miss it. My husband and I graduated from Durham High in 1970 and stayed in the area for college. I was planning my big move out of the house into a dorm in Chapel Hill in the summer of 1970 and he was planning to move down the street to Duke. What wonderful times.

Intense Guy said...

In 1970, I went to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, and Singapore with my grandfather and grandmother. I remember Expo 1970 - the bullet train, walking into China from Hong Kong and being escorted back by a Chinese soldier with a machine gun... the bridge of the river Kwai.. the filth of the canals in Thailand... the beauty of Mount Fiji... coconuts.. and monkies in the trees outside a hotel window... riding an elephant... gosh it all comes pouring back...

You looked like Barbara Feldon... So Agent 99-ish!

Gran said...

In 1970, I was single, living on my own for the first time in Rochester, New York, dating a man much older than me (my parents did not like him, my father said he was so cheap he could travel around the world on 5 bucks). And Brook Benton's song was my favorite!

Kathy said...

Mary - ironic you were in N.C. then and I am now.

Iggy - That trip sounds amazing. What a opportunity of a lifetime to share with your grandparents. Agent 99 - funny, I remember her and I can kind of see it.

Gran- about that time I dated a much older guy too, because he had a yellow Corvette and bought me roses. ( He was 36)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I was newly married and working for the summer traveling throughout Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota.
I went to College in the fall.
I want to do what Iggy did..my grandparents rarely made it out of Minnesota.
I had one of those capes/ponchos too..but yours is better looking:)

Kathy said...

Connie, I agree. What a trip to share.I think my outfit was Bobbie Brooks... of course.

Kathy said...

Rainy Night in Ga was the "theme song" for me and my hubby to be. I can remember sitting in his car, in the rain, listening to it on the am radio...what great memories that song stirs up!

Oh wow, you're coming to Savannah! I live just over an hour away from there! In fact, hubby and I used to live there...way back in the 70's.

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