Monday, June 13, 2011

I MIss My Gardens

It's been almost 5 years since we sold our house in the country and have been trying to get used to condo living.  It's good for Terry not to have to mow the 2 acres and I spent much of my evenings ( after work) making sure everything was watered.  I had 7 garden areas ( 1 koi pond, 1 vegetable garden, 1 herb garden and 4 flower areas.) not to mention all the planters on the deck, in front of the garage, etc. 

So I will share a few of my memories.

There is a tiny, little kitty face under that love seat.   She's now about 13 pounds.  I saw the love seat on the side of the road for trash pick up and had terry go back with the truck to get it for me.

                             The pond was only about 5' x 4', at the biggest odd shaped area. 

                                      This is Queenie watching the fish until I bothered her.

See what 5 years will do.  The boys are 10 and 9 next month.  We never did know why my little guy  was crying.   Probably because Pa was holding his brother and not him.  They called the sunflowers "Jurassic Park".  It's a good memory, even with the tears.

We had our daughter's wedding reception in the back yard under a big white tent.   There were Graduation Open Houses and holiday gatherings galore.  So glad we did it when we could.


Sweet Tea said...

Pretty photos and great memories. As beautiful as that was, and it was beautiful, I think I would enjoy condo living, especially if I had a patio or deck of some type. It would't have to be large, just "mine".

Far Side of Fifty said...

That sunflower growing out of the tree was very interesting!
Very good Grandboys photo..tears and all!
I don't miss my formal gardens at all...I burned myself out. I bet you could volunteer at a public place and get your fingers dirty. I know I am looking for a volunteer to weed the gardens at the Historical takers yet:(

Kathy said...

You both are right. It was a lot to take care of and now I do have an area taht is "mine" so I can play on a small scale. I think I miss the "pretty" but not the work.

(Florida) Girl said...

Ah. I so look forward to having a green space of my own. Yours sounds like it was lovely.

Kathy said...

I'm late in visiting, but I love your garden memories. I can't believe the new owners threw out such a beautiful loveseat.
I know it must have been hard to give up your gardens and pond, it would be for me.

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