Thursday, June 9, 2011

When We Were Young

I've had a blog block the last few days.  My husband has to do my scanning for me because even when I write down the 47 steps to scan photos, something always happens to mess me up.

So I thought I would go this route.

I am a Kenny Chesney fan.  He and Jimmy Buffet are my summer music.  I think most of us can relate to his (Kenny's) song "Young".   My adult daughters talk about their high school experiences and wonder "what was I thinking?"   Like daughter # 3 telling me she couldn't call home when she was going to be out later than planned because her friends were Amish and didn't have a phone.  I didn't believe it either.

So I'll sing along with this one.  We all have stories to share and some only with others that were involved.  It's gone too fast for me and for my girls.  My middle daughter just got a  10 year class reunion announcement. She's not sure she wants to go.   I think she should.

Discounting the raging hormones and the angst, it's a fun place to visit for a short time.  If we could go back with all we know, I for one, would have one or two conversations end differently.  Most of it I wouldn't change.  I have heard it said that a teenager makes many life choices for the adult they will become.  We made those choices because ...we were young.


Kathy said...

I'm a Kenny and Jimmy fan, too! I don't have too many regrets from my "young days". Like you, maybe a couple of conversations I'd change, but overall, I'm satisfied--and proud of my past. Thanks for the memories :), and yes, I am feeling somewhat better. Thanks for asking.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Me, too, Kathy! I would totally have a few different endings to a few conversations I had in high school. I would also be a different person because I wouldn't allow the peer pressure to get the best of me.

(Florida) Girl said...

What a fun song. I enjoyed this musical break in my day.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ha! I would not be a good one to go back..I am positive I would question teachers and what they did and why. I hated the clicks in High School..I found them hurtful and just wrong. You are probably in high school probably made me a better adult.
I am not much of a Country music fan..I don't know any of the present day singers..Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson..yes the new guys and gals not so much. I do like Carrie Underwood:)

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