Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Spirits Can't be Contained

I don't say too much about my daughters.  I try to respect their privacy.  They didn't sign up to have a Mom tell their stories for them.  I have to smile right there because it was common for my mother to tell things to people about my sister and I, not so much my brother, that we didn't know.  Sometimes she didn't even know the people!  So I try not to do that.

I will share a bit about Daughter # 3 because, in some ways, she is just like me and in one very special way she is not.  That girl is the most adventuresome young lady I know. I was not all.   Right now she is 26,  working and sharing a townhouse with Daughter #2  and #2's boyfriend. 

When she was barely 20, she had tried college and found it was not for her, but didn't really know what she wanted in life.  There were no jobs in Michigan so she got on the computer, job hunting in other states.  For me, that was very scary.  For her, exciting.  In a few days, I mean under a week, she had applied and been hired to work at a resort (Signal Mountain Lodge) in the Grand Teton National Park, near Jackson, Wyoming. 

They hire about 180 employees just for the April - October season.Then they close to the public.   The employees live in dorms, eat in the EDR (employee dining room) and work.  She was hired as a hostess.  There are 2 restaurants and a bar.

Airfare was outrageous.  Over $500.00 one way.  So, she took the train.  I think it was two days, but it might have been three.  She was scared and excited and on her way to Hogwarts, she said.  So we took her to the train station and waited until we saw her board to leave.   Her Dad shed more than one tear when he hugged her goodbye. 

                                      ( A Jackson Hole Google photo.... Thank you Google)

She worked at various jobs, always getting promotions to something better, for 4 years. One season she was hired in the Human Resources Department that works year around so she was was one of about 15 that stay through the winter.  600 inches of snow to shovel is a lot.  ( Once they did hire a guy from Louisiana to come be a shoveler. Think about that culture shock.)

This was the view of Jackson Lake from her office.   We were able to go out once together and one time Terry drove out in the winter with her after Christmas and flew home.

Some of the cottages are very rustic like this one.... which I will admit would be a little too roughing it for me.  Others, like the one we had,  are more modern.

Being in a National Park, the animals all roam free.  People, these are wild creatures. Get in your cars. 

We saw Elk, bear, moose and bison along with pronghorns crossing the roads, on the sides of the roads, and walking down the middle of the road.

Dan showing Terry how to pan for gold.

She still swears it is the best place ever to work.  Most of the employees float from one resort to another with the seasons.  There are boyfriend/girlfriend couples and singles like herself.  There are retired couples and people of all ages.  Her last season out she had a roommate that was my age. 

The staff are treated to theme parties, cookouts, camping, and the use of all the resort facilities.  She went in a young woman without a mission and came out an adult with goals. 

I highly recommend it as a parent that was a little afraid of  her daughter venturing out on her own.  I live in a Marine town.  I know our young people are doing far more dangerous things and God bless them .  ( Welcome home from Afghanistan to my nephew Adam.)  
This was another way to grow up for a girl that wanted to stretch her wings.

Dixie Chicks "Wide Open Spaces"  is my ringtone for her.......


Kathy said...

Wow, what a sense of adventure your daughter has! As a mom, I would've had heart attack.
I'm glad it worked out. Beautiful country, by the way!

None of my grown children have ever lived more than 7 miles from me...yet. That may be about to change. I've been blessed to have them all near for nearly 26 years, so I suppose I shouldn't complain.

I'm late visiting and catching up. I went back and commented on the last two posts. I loved them!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Scary and exciting all at the same time. The greatest thing is that growth took place and she was given so many valuable gifts while working there. Talk about adventure!!

Sweet Tea said...

How I admire her for "living her dream" and you for "giving her wings". I can understand how that must have been scarey for you both. She is doing what I would never have had the nerve to do, especially at her age. You've obviously raised a very independent young woman. Good job!!

Anonymous said...

She did get the sense of adventure from somewhere.....who knows where, though. yfs

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like a really cool job with lots of adventure! I envy her spirit..I bet she met lots of different people:)

Intense Guy said...

I have to say I admire people like your daughter - they make their own way in the world.

I have to admire her parents that let her go - and let her unfurl her wings and live her own adventure.

Mary said...

I just clicked on the "you might also be interestedin..." link asnd was intrigued by the picture. What a remarkable experience for someone her age. My daughter will be 23 next month and college wasn't really her thing either. She's has a job right now which is great, but it certainly isn't a career. (auto parts, warehouse, blah blah blah) and she hates it. However, she's not really making any attempt to improve her situation either, I'd go crazy. I would have jumped at this if I would've known about it when I was young. I do wonder what your daughter is doing now and whether or not that experience has helped her further in her endeavors. I would love some particulars about the Wyoming gig, if you want to e-mail me.

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